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Virtual Kipling Form

Dear Class of 2020,

Many congratulations on your graduation!

As many of you know, McMaster and many other Universities across Canada have announced that the majority of the summer and fall semesters will be offered in an on-line format only.  Unfortunately, it is now highly unlikely that we will be able to proceed with our regular Kipling ceremony in 2020.  In response, the Wardens of Camps across Canada are now working to develop virtual ceremony options which we hope will provide you with a meaningful experience.  Camp XIII is working on our delivery plans and wishes to know what works better for you: You will have the option to attend the virtual ceremony this Fall or wait till 2022 to attend the in-person ceremony. If you choose to attend a virtual ceremony, you would not be able to attend an in-person ceremony for two years.

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Personal Information
Shipping Address
Business Information
The virtual ceremony will be offered on three dates.
The virtual ceremony lasts about an hour and half.

NOTE: The link to join the virtual ceremony will be emailed a day before. You must turn your video on for security purposes. If you leave the ceremony, you may not be able to rejoin and cannot receive your Iron Ring. You cannot have a company in your room while attending the virtual ceremony. Please have a professional appearance.