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Pride Month Q&A Spotlight Series: Mymoon Bhuiyan

In celebration of Pride Month, we are excited to introduce McMaster EngiQueers execs to our community.

Name: Mymoon Bhuiyan

Pronouns: He/They

Department: Material Sciences and Engineering [4th year]

What does Pride Month mean to you? 

Pride Month represents progress. Groups like EngiQueers (EQ) change lives by making our classes and workplaces more equitable. Our heritage as queer people and allies is the Stonewall protests – a day of protest that evolved into a month of dances, cook outs and teach-ins. Pride Month originates from progress and we do it each year to continue pushing for progress. We show that we are here and we are hard at work to make the world a better place. Together, queer people and allies have a responsibility to get educated and get involved. 

How are you planning to celebrate Pride this year? 

I am planning to lead EQ in Toronto Pride with my great co-president, Nasim Paknejad! We are also in the works to reorganize and reorient EQ. EQ has historically been a social group, which is still a priority; however, we feel a deep responsibility to be more involved in the engineering community as a voice for positive change. We want to work closely with the faculty and administration to ensure students have a voice when it comes to making important decisions.

What does it mean to embrace 2SLGBTQIA+ pride? 

Embracing 2SLGBTQIA+ pride is realizing that as far as we have come, there is always more work to be done to create a truly equitable society. It is incumbent on all of us to work towards this. We must take every win that we can get, and work even harder for better change.

Why is a club like EngiQueers important? What impact does this have?

EQ is important because it is the largest queer space on campus. We have a responsibility to be there for students, provide support and be a friend to anyone. This is why we maintain an active community, even in the summer. We will be there for you. 

What do you think about the EDI initiatives on campus such as the rainbow bench and the rainbow entrance crosswalks?

It's important to have queer visibility. Raising the Pride flag over University Hall shows people what the McMaster community stands for. Moreover, McMaster backs it up with action. We have a lot of important projects in the works to create an equitable space on campus. Our campus space is improving and that's because people at all levels – faculty, staff and students – care.