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Shriharsha Ingle, PhD '93

Materials Engineering | Modern tooling solutions

The focus of Shriharsha Ingle’s career has been to help companies across the world get better at what they do - in terms of their machine shop productivity.

His 1993 PhD in materials engineering explored tool wear during machining. After graduation, he took that knowledge to engineering multinational Seco Tools, joining the company’s operations in India.

Headquartered in Sweden and part of the global Sandvik AB group, Seco Tools is one of the world’s largest providers of metal cutting tools, technologies and processes.

Over the last two decades, Ingle has moved through various roles with the company and spread his passion for improvement around the Asia-Pacific region.

“During my stint as a regional application expert, I had the opportunity to travel to about 25 countries globally from Mexico to South Korea, while visiting customers and offering them modern tooling solutions to increase their manufacturing productivity,” he says.

Now a general manager in product management, Ingle also serves as a technical representative for the entire Asia-Pacific region on the prestigious Research and Development Council within Seco Tools.

“I love my area of work, and what I truly enjoy is being able to apply my fundamental knowledge acquired after years of hard work to solve real-life cutting tools-related problems in the engineering shop floors,” he says.

Ingle says his Canadian university experience contributed greatly to his success.

“The true international experience at McMaster gave me an opportunity to mix with and understand different cultures from across the world and made me a global citizen with a broad perspective,” he says.

Living in Hamilton also rounded out his life in other ways, he adds.

“As an international student with quite different food habits, I started cooking my meals, which I had not done before on a frequent basis,” he recalls. “Soon this became a hobby and later on, I realized that cooking for a group of friends can build great relationships.

“As well, exploring the scenic beauty of Canada started off my passion for travelling across the world – and has made my job with extensive travel requirements a lot of fun indeed.”