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Nur Emira Jaddil, BEng '18

Materials Engineering | Paying it Forward

When the government of Malaysia provided Nur Emira Jaddil with a scholarship to travel halfway around the world to study at McMaster, it made an investment in her future.

That investment is now paying dividends, with Jaddil contributing her skills back in her home state of Sarawak, an area of Malaysia located on the island of Borneo. She is currently employed as a trainee with Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB), the sole electric utility company in the state of Sarawak with responsibility for generating, transmitting and distributing electricity.

Working with the organization’s Rural Electrification Scheme, Jaddil is helping to organize and monitor the expansion of electrical service to remote customers.

“After coming to Canada, I feel that there are still so many aspects such as accessibility to basic necessities and facilities that my country needs to improve on,” says Jaddil, a 2016 graduate from the Materials Engineering program.

 “I was very inclined toward a job that would benefit my society since I was awarded a scholarship to study in Canada by the Malaysia government.”

While her current position with the utility – which she started only a month ago – makes little specific use of her knowledge in the Materials Engineering field, she is optimistic that the future will provide many opportunities to put her engineering skills to work in advancing her country.

But for now, Jaddil says she finds it rewarding to help ensure people have access to basic necessities like electricity.

“I feel the job I am doing now will benefit my community and will be a catalyst in improving their livelihood,” she says.