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Graham Seaman, BEng Mgt '01

Materials Engineering & Management | Seeking Sustainable Solutions

Many people hope their work makes the world a better place. But few announce that intention on their LinkedIn profile.

Graham Seaman puts it right up near the top: “Through my work I hope to make a difference, to make things better.”

And more than simply an aspiration, for Seaman it’s a job requirement.

The 2001 Materials Engineering and Management grad is now Director of Sustainability and Asset Management for the City of Markham.

“While I never envisioned working for local government, I did make the conscious decision to focus on using my skills and knowledge to help make the world more sustainable,” he says. “But I never thought it would be as a public servant, although it’s a great fit.”

Sustainable energy and technologies have been Seaman’s career focus for more than a decade. In 2009 he brought that focus to Markham, a city of 350,000 people located just north of Toronto.

The result has been “a rewarding career where I get to help a community continually improve its sustainability.”

His current job has him overseeing a team of 27 people responsible for a diverse portfolio including major facility capital projects, administrative facility operations, corporate security, corporate asset management, and GIS Database, as well as sustainability and energy management.

“My team is mostly comprised of engineers, architects, and technicians so I still get to do some technical work,” he says. “But mostly, my engineering degree equipped me with a set of problem-solving tools that I still use every day, and I don’t believe I would be in this role without them.”

He hopes today’s young engineers won’t forget the opportunities that can exist in municipal governments.

“If you’re seeking a career that is both challenging and rewarding, where every day you’ll see the positive impact you’re having on a community, consider a career in public service - particularly local government.”