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Giuseppe Pavone, BEng '01

Metallurgy Engineering | Skills Forged in Steel

As an incoming engineering student in 1997, Giuseppe Pavone had a better vision of his future than most.

Since he was a kid, he’d spent his Saturday mornings sweeping the floor at his family local business, Novacro Machining Inc. With a career in the company beckoning, Pavone focused his education on metallurgy.

“I figured metallurgy would give me a good understanding of the steelmaking process from the extraction of raw materials to the finished product, and everything in between,” he says. “I thought it would make me more well-rounded when entering into the steel industry and it definitely did.”

After earning his BEng in 2001, Pavone worked as a process metallurgist, then in a variety of sales, management and business development roles with the family firm.

“I’ve worked on machines, programming, production control, quality, sales, and have been able to contribute effectively in each role,” he says. “Novacro helped me in countless ways, and definitely set me up for success in my new career.”

Recently, Pavone left the steel industry and purchased a real estate investment franchise called HomeVestors in Florida.

Specializing in buying, renovating and selling homes, the company offers Pavone and his wife the chance to live in the south and pursue a long-standing interest in real estate investing.

“Many of the investment techniques I’ve read about over the years are difficult to accomplish in Canada, so this was a chance to put into practice what I’ve been reading about for years, and HomeVestors specializes in real estate investing so it was a perfect fit for us,” he says.

“Generally I’m purchasing off-market homes quickly for cash and then either selling them to investors who want to renovate them, or I will renovate them myself before selling or renting them out.”

While I’m in a different industry, many of the skills I learned in my previous roles in the steel industry can be applied here.”