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Dr. Gianluigi Botton


Department of Materials Science and Engineering

nanostructures; energy materials; battery materials; fuel cells; light-emitting diodes; plasmonics; oxides electronics; corrosion; structure of alloys
Areas of Specialization:
Research Clusters:


Research Areas Include:

Microscopy of nanostructured materials
Transmission electron microscopy
Electron energy-loss spectroscopy
Structure-properties in nanoscale materials
A detailed description of the research interests can be found on the Community of Science website.
Botton’s Research Group
Microscopy of Nanoscale Materials Research Group Website.
Please visit the group’s website for information about: news, research, people in the group, facilities and publications.

Associated Institutes

Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy
Brockhouse Institute of Materials Research
National Centre of High Resolution Electron Microscopy


B. Eng. Physics, 1987, Ph.D. Materials Eng., Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, 1992



Publications 2015

Prabhudev, S; Bugnet, M; Zhu, GZ; Bock, C; Botton, GA, 2015, Surface Segregation of Fe in Pt-Fe Alloy Nanoparticles: Its Precedence and Effect on the Ordered-Phase Evolution during Thermal Annealing, CHEMCATCHEM 7(22), 3655-3664.

Majdi, G.Z. Zhu, J. Carvalho, V. Jarvis, K. Meinander, JF. Britten, G.A. Botton, J.S. Preston, Evidence for an equilibrium epitaxial complexion at the Au-MgAl2O4 interface, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 2015, Vol 107, Article 241601

Zhao, SY. Woo, M. Bugnet, X. Liu, J Kang, G.A. Botton, Z. Mi, Three-Dimensional Quantum Confinement of Charge Carriers in Self-Organized AlGaN Nanowires: A Viable Route to Electrically Injected Deep Ultraviolet Lasers, Nano Letters, (2015), 15, 7801-7807

Choudhry, KI; Mahboubi, S; Botton, GA; Kish, JR; Svishchev, IM, 2015, Corrosion of engineering materials in a supercritical water cooled reactor: Characterization of oxide scales on Alloy 800H and stainless steel 316, CORROSION SCIENCE, 100, 222-230.

Bidabadi, AS; Korinek, A; Botton, GA; Varin, RA, 2015, High resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM), energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and X-ray diffraction studies of nanocrystalline manganese borohydride (Mn(BH4)(2)) after mechano-chemical synthesis and thermal dehydrogenation, ACTA MATERIALIA, 100, 392-400.

Woo, SY; Bugnet, M; Nguyen, HPT; Mi, ZT; Botton, GA, 2015, Atomic Ordering in InGaN Alloys within Nanowire Heterostructures, NANO LETTERS, 15(10), 6413-6418.

Farahi, N; Prabhudev, S; Botton, GA; Zhao, JB; Tse, JS; Liu, ZX; Salvador, JR; Kleinke, H, 2015, Local structure and thermoelectric properties of Mg2Si0.977-xGexBi0.023 (0.1 <= x <= 0.4), JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 644, 249-255.

Mahboubi, S; Botton, GA; Kish, JR, 2015, Technical Note: Corrosion Resistance of Alloy 33 (Fe-33Cr-32Ni) in Supercritical Water, CORROSION, 71(9), 1064-1070.

Woo, SY; Gauquelin, N; Nguyen, HPT; Mi, ZT; Botton, GA, 2015, Interplay of strain and indium incorporation in InGaN/GaN dot-in-a-wire nanostructures by scanning transmission electron microscopy, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 26(34), 344002.

Mahboubi, S; Botton, GA; Kish, JR, 2015, On the Oxidation Resistance of Alloy 800HT Exposed in Supercritical Water (SCW), CORROSION, 71(8), 992-1002.

Zhao, S; Liu, X; Woo, SY; Kang, J; Botton, GA; Mi, Z, 2015, An electrically injected AlGaN nanowire laser operating in the ultraviolet-C band, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 107(4), 043101.

Foster, JM; Gully, A; Liu, H; Krachkovskiy, S; Wu, Y; Schougaard, SB; Jiang, M; Goward, G; Botton, GA; Protas, B, 2015, Homogenization Study of the Effects of Cycling on the Electronic Conductivity of Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 119(22), 12199-12208.

Jaksic, JM; Nan, FH; Papakonstantinou, GD; Botton, GA; Jaksic, MM, 2015, Theory, Substantiation, and Properties of Novel Reversible Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Electrode Reactions, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 119(21), 11267-11285.

Danaie, M; Fritzsche, H; Kalisvaart, WP; Tan, XH; Mitlin, D; Botton, GA; Huot, J, 2015, Reactions in a multilayered Si (substrate)/Ta/Mg/Fe/Ta/Pd thin-film structure during annealing and deuterium absorption, ACTA MATERIALIA, 90, 259-271.

Fan, SZ; AlOtaibi, B; Woo, SY; Wang, YJ; Botton, GA; Mi, ZT, 2015, High Efficiency Solar-to-Hydrogen Conversion on a Monolithically Integrated InGaN/GaN/Si Adaptive Tunnel Junction Photocathode, NANO LETTERS, 15(4), 2721-2726.

Shen, HX; Zhu, GZ; Botton, GA; Kitai, A, 2015, Two-dimensional X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy study on the effect of magnetron sputtering atmosphere on GaN/SiC interface and gallium nitride thin film crystal structure, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 117(11), 115301.

Tan, XH; Prabhudev, S; Kohandehghan, A; Karpuzov, D; Botton, GA; Mitlin, D, 2015, Pt-Au-Co Alloy Electrocatalysts Demonstrating Enhanced Activity and Durability toward the Oxygen Reduction Reaction, ACS CATALYSIS, 5(3), 1513-1524.

Scullion, A; Thompson, DA; Botton, GA, 2015, Growth and kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of InAs quantum wires on vicinal substrates, JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH, 412, 87-94.

Cano, ZP; Danaie, M; Kish, JR; McDermid, JR; Botton, GA; Williams, G, 2015, Physical Characterization of Cathodically-Activated Corrosion Filaments on Magnesium Alloy AZ31B, CORROSION, 71(2), 146-159.

Judge, CD; Gauquelin, N; Walters, L; Wright, M; Cole, JI; Madden, J; Botton, GA; Griffiths, M, 2015, Intergranular fracture in irradiated Inconel X-750 containing very high concentrations of helium and hydrogen, JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS, 457, 165-172.

Nguyen, HPT; Djavid, M; Woo, SY; Liu, XH; Connie, AT; Sadaf, SM; Wang, Q; Botton, GA; Shih, I; Mi, ZT, 2015, Engineering the Carrier Dynamics of InGaN Nanowire White Light-Emitting Diodes by Distributed p-AlGaN Electron Blocking Layers, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 5, 7744.

Espinosa, A; Bugnet, M; Radtke, G; Neveu, S; Botton, GA; Wilhelm, C; Abou-Hassan, A, Can magneto-plasmonic nanohybrids efficiently combine photothermia with magnetic hyperthermia?, NANOSCALE, 7(45), 18872-18877.

Dauphin-Ducharme, P; Kuss, C; Rossouw, D; Payne, NA; Danis, L; Botton, GA; Mauzeroll, J, 2015, Corrosion Product Formation Monitored Using the Feedback Mode of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy with Carbon Microelectrodes, JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, 162(12), C677-C683.

Tefashe, UM; Dauphin-Ducharme, P; Danaie, M; Cano, ZP; Kish, JR; Botton, GA; Mauzeroll, J, 2015, Localized Corrosion Behaviour of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy with an Electrodeposited Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) Coating, JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, 162(10), C536-C544.

Farahi, N; Prabhudev, S; Bugnet, M; Botton, GA; Zhao, JB; Tse, JS; Salvador, JR; Kleinke, H, 2015, Enhanced figure of merit in Mg2Si0.877Ge0.1Bi0.023/multi wall carbon nanotube nanocomposites, RSC ADVANCES, 5(80), 65328-65336.

Wang, RY; Higgins, DC; Prabhudev, S; Lee, DU; Choi, JY; Hoque, MA; Botton, GA; Chen, ZW, 2015, Synthesis and structural evolution of Pt nanotubular skeletons: revealing the source of the instability of nanostructured electrocatalysts, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 3(24), 12663-12671.

Nguyen, HPT; Djavid, M; Woo, SY; Liu, XH; Wang, Q; Botton, GA; Mi, ZT, 2015, High-Power Phosphor-Free InGaN/AlGaN Dot-in-a-Wire Core-Shell White-Light-Emitting Diodes, LIGHT-EMITTING DIODES: MATERIALS, DEVICES, AND APPLICATIONS FOR SOLID STATE LIGHTING XIX, Proceedings of SPIE, 9383, 938307.

Botton, GA; Calderon, HA; Kisielowski, C, 2015, Special Section on Electron-Beam Irradiation Effects, Modifications and Control Preface, MICRON, 68, 140-140.

Zhu, GZ; Botton, GA, 2015, Damage behaviour and atomic migration in MgAl2O4 under an 80 keV scanning focused probe in a STEM¸MICRON, 68, 141-145.


B. Eng. Physics, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, 1987
Ph.D. Materials Eng., Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, 1992
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow, Cambridge Univ., 1993-1995
Research associate and senior research associate, Cambridge University, 1995-1998
Darwin College Research Fellow, 1995-1998
Research Scientist, Natural Resources Canada, 1998-2001
McMaster University, Associate Professor 2001-
Canada Research Chair in Microscopy of Nanoscale Materials