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McMaster develops better way of testing batteries for hybrid and electric vehiclesNovember 30, 2017

A research project between McMaster University and academic and industry partners in Canada and China has resulted in new technology in the testing of battery cells and electric motors.

The three-year project between McMaster, D&V Electronics, a Canadian manufacturer of automotive test equipment, Shanghai Edrive, one of the largest producers of electric motors in China, has created a better process to test the lifecycle and reliability of batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

This project led to the development of two advanced test cell products commercialized by D&V Electronics for the testing of lithium ion battery cells and end-of-line production testing of electric motor starters and alternators.  

A memorandum of understanding, which was signed during Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s visit to China in 2014, between McMaster, the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), D&V Electronics, Shanghai Edrive, and Eontronix, a Beijing-based automotive company, resulted in the three year research project, which was recently successfully completed.

“Our collaboration has led to the development of the most advanced systems for testing of electric motors and battery cells in the world. The research has been translated into commercial products that are being marketed internationally by D&V Electronics,” said Saeid Habibi, the NSERC/FORD Canada Industrial Research Chair in Hybrid/ Electric Vehicle (HEV) Powertrain Diagnostics and McMaster Mechanical Engineering Professor.  

This project was supported by Industrial Research Assistance Plan (Canada), Automotive Partnership Canada (Canada), and Ministry Of Science and Technology (China). As well, McMaster has received funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) under the Ideas to Innovate (I2I) program for a project leading to a potential start up, with support from D&V Electronics.

A delegation from Ontario, led by Premier Wynne, was in Beijing in late November to visit the Beijing Institute of Technology. Habibi from McMaster and Michael Kelly from D&V joined the delegation.

McMaster, D&V Electronics, and BIT are planning further collaborations as part of future joint initiatives between Ontario and China. D&V Electronics of Toronto, Canada designs and manufactures electric motor and drive testers, alternator and starter testers for endurance, laboratory and end-of-line production testing.  D&V’s EPT series are the leading edge testers for the testing of HV/EV motors and inverters/controllers.