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Matls Eng 4Z06 Capstone Project Gallery


Advanced Materials And Fabrication Methods For Thermal Insulation

Group Members:

  • Sheldon Anthony Doreleyers
  • Sasha Furtado
  • Aisha Isiaka
  • Nikita Palagnyuk

Evaluation and Optimization of Bending Properties of Dual-Phase 980 (DP980)

Group Members:

  • Mahmoud Diab
  • Michael Jaansalu
  • Cyrus Tenzif
  • Diego Vargas-Avila

Process Development of a Nano-Surface Pattern for the Inside of Vascular Catheters

Group Members:

  • Kayla Baker
  • Amy Gullins
  • Ryan Lee Chan
  • Jennifer Tsui

Development of a Tensile Tester for X-Ray Computed Tomography (XCT) of Materials

Group Members:

  • Chintan Dave
  • William Parkes
  • Ben Stubina
  • Zhou (Joe) Zhang

Computational Modelling of Fatigue Crack Growth for Hydro Turbine Steels

Group Members:

  • Rav Badwal
  • Zak Bilal
  • Betty Huang
  • Frank Klobucar


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