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Matls 701/702: Shenglong Liang, PhD Candidate

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JHE A102

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Modeling of Thermo-mechanical Processing of Microalloyed Steels


A physically-based model is developed to simulate thermo-mechanical processing of micro-alloyed steels.   The model considers major restoration processes such as recovery, recrystallization and grain growth as well as precipitation in plain carbon and micro-alloyed steels.  Effects of Mn, Al, Si, Ti and Nb on recovery and recrystallization kinetics have been investigated.  The model can predict properties during hot rolling process such as onset and completion of recrystallization, grain size evolution, flow stress, etc.    

For validations, the model was compared against both experimental metallographic data and in-situ grain size measurements using novel laser ultrasonic technique during thermo-mechanical processing of micro-alloyed steels.  Modeling of multi-pass rolling was also attempted using the developed model, for both roughing and finishing regimes.  Grain size evolution and mean flow stress can be predicted and compared with experimental data for multi-pass hot rolling.