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Matls 701/702: Prabhakar Pal, MSc Candidate

Matls 701/702: Prabhakar Pal, MSc Candidate

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Modelling Solidification Characteristics during Metal Additive Manufacturing


Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) is an important metal additive manufacturing process, wherein the layer of metal is melted by the application of a fastmoving laser or electron beam heat source which is followed by subsequent cooling and solidification. PBF process is characterized by high thermal gradient and rapid cooling which can lead to deviation form the local interfacial equilibrium and formation of metastable phases, increased solid solubility and interesting microstructures which are not seen during slow growth.

In this work, a numerical model capable of predicting cellular and dendritic growth at low and high velocities is used to model the crystal growth during PBF process. The developed model accounts for various undercooling, the variation of the partition coefficient, liquidus slope and diffusion coefficient at high velocities. By comparing the predicted results with the published experimental data, we attempt to quantify the degree of various undercooling and identify the necessary non-equilibrium phenomenon required to quantitatively predict or qualitatively capture the growth morphology and cellular/dendritic spacing during PBF.