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Matls 701/702: Pardis Mohammadpour, PhD Candidate

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Developing Solidification Microstructure Selection Maps in the frame of Additive Manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a promising technology to fabricate complex geometries that are otherwise impossible through conventional manufacturing routes. However, presence of highly non-equilibrium cooling conditions during AM leads to a variety of microstructures which consequently result in a wide range of mechanical properties. Understanding the melt thermal conditions, alloy chemistry, and thermodynamic properties during the rapid solidification in AM process will aid in reducing unwanted variability in material properties and even enable the design of specific microstructural features to suit a given application. The creation of Solidification Microstructure Selection (SMS) Maps using the analytical growth models can be helpful to predict the solidification microstructures that forms for a set of alloy composition and thermal conditions. A tool that efficiently maps the structure - process relationship would be very informative in guiding AM development.

In this presentation, a survey of theoretical solidification models is carried to evaluate their ability and effectiveness in predicting the microstructural features in AM processes. SMS maps are created for two model alloy systems, AlSi10Mg and IN718, utilizing theoretical growth models, columnar to equiaxed transition model, interface response theory, thermal simulation results, and computational thermodynamics. The predicted microstructures are compared both qualitatively and quantitatively to experimentally-obtained micrographs and phase-field simulation results. The theoretical predictions are shown to be in good agreement with the experimental and simulation results.