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Matls 701/702: Nafiseh Zaker, PhD Candidate

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Characterization of Engineered Complex Cathode Materials for Li-ion Batteries


Li-ion batteries (LIB) with high amount of specific energy have drawn much attention and have become the most suitable energy storage candidate for reaching to the more green and sustainable transportation sector. Despite great progress in the matter of LIB’s performance in recent years, there are still several concerns about limitations in capacity, cyclic life, manufacturing cost and safety that should be meticulously studied and properly addressed. Amongst several LIB components, comprehensively studying the cathode in terms of structure and internal reactions during cycling would be much more crucial since this component is a limitation factor for energy density and dominate the manufacturing cost.

Using ultra-high Ni content cathode materials with a layered structure is one of the most viable strategies to overcome these cathode problems. This leads, however, to several issues with respect to thermal stability, safety and durability. Different approaches such as coating, doping and core-shell structures are potentially useful to reach more stable Ni-rich material structure and making engineered complex cathode materials.

This presentation seeks to deliver better understanding of the structural aspect of engineered complex cathode materials by using different advanced characterization techniques. To accomplish this goal, the acquired results from several electron microscopy techniques, namely STEM-EELS, EDS, PFIB and SEM, as well as advanced X-ray based analysis techniques such as XAFS, synchrotron-based XRD and PDF, will be been discussed.