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Matls 701/702: Qi (Kelly) Wang, MASc Candidate

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Mechanism Investigation of Synthesis Carbon Quantum Dots From Coal by Simulation


Carbon quantum dots (CQDs), as luminescent zero-dimensional nanomaterials, have attracted great attention because of their favorable optical properties. Currently, a wide variety of synthetic methods have been developed to produce CQDs, but the large size distribution of products is a universal problem, which limits CQDs further application.

Among synthetic methods, the synthesis of CQDs from coal by concentrated acid oxidation has been widely used, because of highly suitable for mass production and low raw material price. However, there is a contradiction in whether the Van der Waals force between graphite layers can be broken during concentrated acid oxidation.

It is, therefore, the purpose of the current research is starting from the exploration of the mechanism, using the method of kinetic simulation, to explore the mechanism of synthesis carbon quantum dots from coal by concentrated acid, and to solve whether concentrated acid can break the Van der Waals force between graphite layers. By solving this contradiction, the CQDs size distribution can be controlled, the narrow size distribution can be obtained. In addition, the method of kinetic simulation is more conducive to the detailed study of the reaction process, to clarify the intermediate process of the reaction, obtaining the size distribution of the intermediate product. The results will be discussed and interpreted.