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Matls 701/702: Joe Deering, PhD Candidate

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JHE A102

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Characterization of Additively Manufactured Biomaterials for Bone Ingrowth


With recent advances in the field of additive manufacturing, production capabilities of biomedical implants have expanded beyond their traditional scope. Since implant stiffness is negatively correlated with long-term bone quality, additive manufacturing of structures with complex porous geometries may offer more lightweight and flexible alternatives to solid implants. In this work, three distinct projects are used to investigate the feasibility of additive manufacturing for the creation of porous biomaterials and biomaterial composites. Sites of cellular interaction and relative cell growth rates are characterized on porous metallic lattice structures, where permeability by vibrational stimulus is correlated to cell response. Long-term effects as a result of stiffness reduction are extrapolated based on mechanical loading in compression. Bioceramic aggregation and bone regeneration in naturally-derived biomaterials is also characterized by plasma focused ion beam microscopy.