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Hosam Abdel Hafeez

Hosam | Level 3 HESE student, business owner and iBioMed Ambassador

If you're interested in the iBioMed Program, there's a good chance you've seen or heard of Hosam. A level 3 HESE student, and iBioMed Ambassador, Hosam is a regular presence at various program and campus recruitment events. He has been a big advocate of the program from the beginning and has joined us at The Ontario Universities' Fair (OUF), May at Mac and Fall Preview.

Hosam and his business partners were recently accepted by The Forge Business Incubator at McMaster University. They received $3,000 in seed funding, mentorship, dedicated office space and access to the investor referral program. He is one of the co-founders of AIRefer, a centralized medical referral system that utilizes a machine-learning algorithm to suggest the best healthcare specialist based on urgency, proximity and subspecialty to optimize wait times.

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