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Sarah Smith, BEng '07

Electrical & Biomedical Engineering | Big Ideas: Matters of the Heart

Eliminating heart disease is no easy feat. It’s one of the leading causes of death worldwide. But for Sarah Smith, who views the challenge through a more personal lens, anything is possible.

The electrical & biomedical engineering alumna has been motivated to try to help people with heart conditions ever since her Mom was diagnosed with one.

Along with fellow electrical and biomedical engineering alumnus Corey Centen, Smith launched Bodyport, a San Francisco start-up that is developing novel sensor technology to help predict and pre-empt heart disease from the comfort of your home. 

By simply stepping on a bathroom scale, Bodyport scans the heart and body through the feet and measures weight and cardiac signals in just 20 seconds. With each measurement, Bodyport builds a personalized baseline of health and deploys algorithms to detect subtle changes that are the precursors to disease.

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