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Dr. Jake Nease

Associate Chair (Undergraduate)

Department of Chemical Engineering

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

Process simulation, life-cycle analyses, system optimization, process control, Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs), carbon capture
Areas of Specialization:
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Jake Nease has been a member of the McMaster University community for the past 10 years. As a PhD student in Chemical Engineering at McMaster, his research focused on the design, analysis, optimization and life-cycle assessments of bulk-scale solid-oxide fuel cell power plants with carbon capture.

Nease developed a passion for teaching and learning early in his graduate career. He taught five courses as a PhD and post-doctoral student and became a teaching-track faculty member.

Outside of the classroom, Nease participates in several recreational sports including, tennis, softball and ultimate frisbee. He is a member at the Dundas and Aldershot tennis clubs, captain of a McMaster GSA softball league team and a Hamilton Ultimate Frisbee club team.


  • B.Eng.Mgmt, McMaster (2011)
  • Ph.D., McMaster (2016)


I am a McMaster graduate with a passion for teaching and learning. I teach a variety of courses in the process control/optimization areas, and am always looking for innovative and exciting ways to engage students in the classroom. My PhD research focuses on the efficient, reliable use of fossil fuels to generate carbonless power en route to a sustainable energy future. Not surprisingly, I have strong passions for energy systems, sustainable design, and the environment. I am a huge fan of playing tennis, baseball, and board games in my spare time.



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  • Nease J, Adams TA II. Comparative life cycle analyses of bulk-scale coal-fueled solid oxide fuel cell power plants. Applied Energy. 2015; 150: 161-175.
  • Nease J, Adams TA II. Life Cycle Analyses of Bulk-Scale Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Plants and Comparisons to the Natural Gas Combined Cycle. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. 2015; 93: 1349-1363.
  • Nease J, Adams TA II. Application of rolling horizon optimization to an integrated solid oxide fuel cell and compressed air energy storage plant for zero-emissions peaking power under uncertainty. Computers & Chemical Engineering. 2014; 68: 203-219.
  • Nease J, Adams TA II. Coal-Fuelled Systems for Peaking Power with 100% CO 2 Capture Through Integration of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Compressed Air Energy Storage. Journal of Power Sources. 2014; 251: 92-107.
  • Nease J, Adams TA II. Systems for peaking power with 100% CO 2 capture by integration of solid oxide fuel cells with compressed air energy storage. Journal of Power Sources. 2013; 228(15): 281-293.
  • Adams TA II, Nease J, Tucker D, Barton P. Energy Conversion with Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems: A Review of Concepts and Outlooks for the Short- and Long-Term. I&EC Research. 2013; 52: 3089-3111.
  • Du M, Nease J, Mhaskar P. An integrated fault diagnosis and safe-parking framework for fault-tolerant control of nonlinear systems. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control. 2012; 22: 105-122.


  • Governor General’s Gold Medal of distinction for the McMaster graduating class of 2016 (2016)
  • Vanier Scholar (2014)
  • NSERC CGS-D (2014)
  • Dean’s Excellence Award in Engineering (2014)
  • Top-Tier Sessional Instructor for Engineering (2016, 2017)
  • McMaster Teaching Assistant Merit Award (2013)
  • NSERC CGS-M (2011)                                                     
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Captain of the Phoenix Cup-Winning Departmental Softball Team (2017)