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Your iBioMed Tech Questions AnsweredMay 10, 2022

What laptop should I get? How do I install required software? What operating system do I need? If you're asking yourself these questions, this article is for you!

Learn everything you need to know about laptop requirements, the recommended operating system, how to install required software and more!

What are the memory requirements?

The minimum RAM required is 8 GB; however, 16 GB is recommended.

The minimum Hard Drive required is 256 GB; however, 512 GB is recommended.

What is the recommended Operating System?

Windows is the recommended operating system, as some software used in first year (e.g., AutoDesk Inventor) is NOT compatible with MacOS.
The iBioMed program does NOT provide technical support for MacOS devices.

Please note that technical support for Mac machines through McMaster’s University Technology Services (UTS) is also limited and troubleshooting and technical services are not guaranteed.

Notes for MacOS:

Students will have access to virtual Windows desktops so they can remotely access software that requires Windows, such as Autodesk Inventor.

While students can depend on access to these virtual machines during their scheduled labs, access outside of lab time will depend on availability and is not guaranteed.

By having Windows, students can access Autodesk Inventor 24/7.

Technical support for MacOS systems is not provided by the program.



What programs do I need to have installed?

AutoDesk Inventor 2023

AutoDesk Inventor System Requirements

Although the official system requirements from AutoDesk recommends 32 GB of RAM, 16 GB is sufficient.

MATLAB 2022a

System Requirements

Python 3.10

System Requirements:

A Windows, MacOS or Linux device.

Note that Python 3.10 cannot be used on Windows 7 or earlier.

 Download Python


Sign up for Microsoft365

McMaster University has decommissioned Google Services (GSuite) as of May 4, 2022. McMaster faculty, staff, and students are now required to use Microsoft 365, which is available at no cost.

Sign up for Microsoft365 and gain access to Microsoft apps.


Other tips

Buy a mouse

It is strongly recommended that students buy a mouse and bring it to their labs. Using a mouse when working in AutoDesk Inventor will provide a more efficient workflow; a trackpad is much slower and more difficult than using a mouse.

The Importance of a Charger

Keep your laptop fully charged and always have your charger on-hand. There may be times in large lecture halls when you will not have access to power and be able to plug in your machine. This means, by the time you get to a lab you will be low on power. Always keep your charger handy, so you can plug in at your next lecture or lab.

Good luck, and welcome to the iBioMed family!