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The top 5 things you'll love about being an iBioMed Ambassador July 8, 2019

Looking to network, attend cool events and develop your leadership skills? Becoming an iBioMed Ambassador could be for you.

1. Networking Opportunities

Many career / co-op opportunities are secured through personal connections, and as an iBioMed Ambassador, you will have a number of opportunities to expand your network. You’ll work alongside other iBioMed students in different years and streams; this will give you unique networking opportunities as you get to know others in your program.

Not only that, but many iBioMed and campus events are attended by faculty. This makes for a great opportunity to get to know your profs and continue to meet new people.

Many of our current ambassadors really enjoy interacting with prospective students and families at recruitment events like May @ Mac and Fall Preview. This a great way to share your enthusiasm for iBioMed, and is just another example of the cool people you’ll get to meet. Who knows where your ambassador experience could take you!


2. Develop Your Leadership and Interpersonal Skills

iBioMed Ambassadors speak directly with prospective students as well as other stakeholders in the community. They’re expected to communicate and represent iBioMed in a professional and positive light. These opportunities will help you develop your interpersonal skills as you foster strong relationships with those around you.

iBioMed Ambassadors are typically the first people visitors want to talk to at recruitment events. As a result, ambassadors will often take the initiative and start conversations with prospective students or visitors at the iBioMed booth. It’s these kinds of opportunities that will help you develop your leadership and interpersonal skills. Are you a little on the quiet side? No problem! There’s something for everyone in the iBioMed Ambassador program. In fact, some of our ambassadors will tell you that it’s a great way to help you step outside of your comfort zone!


 3. Attend Cool Events

May @ Mac, Fall Preview, Ontario Universities’ Fair – these are just a couple of events that you can expect to attend as an iBioMed Ambassador. With several program and campus events taking place throughout the school year, there is no shortage of opportunities for our ambassadors to get involved.

Depending on the event, there are different audiences you’ll get to engage with, and this will add a lot of variety to your ambassador experience. For example, at the Engineering 1 & iBioMed Info Fair, you’ll get to chat with current students and faculty members within Engineering and iBioMed.

At iBioMed’s Info Night, you may have a chance to be a part of our student panel and answer questions from level I iBioMed students. Fall Preview and May @ Mac gives you a chance to connect with the outside community as you engage with prospective students and their families.

It’s not all about the events though – we also receive requests from prospective students for campus tours. When we receive these requests, our iBioMed Ambassadors are the first ones we call. They will meet with the prospective students and their families and show them around campus, specifically the spots that relate to the iBioMed program. i.e. classrooms, the Design Studio, Thode Library etc. This is the ultimate opportunity to connect with members of the community and give them an in-depth view of iBioMed and McMaster.


 4. Impress Your Future Employers!

Being an ambassador of a program that’s the first of its kind in Canada is a big deal! You can use iBioMed Ambassador as your official resume title and talk about this opportunity with potential employers.

There are many transferrable skills acquired when you’re an iBioMed Ambassador – communication, leadership, organizational skills and more!

As a result, this can be a great resume-booster if you don’t have a lot of work experience just yet. Being an iBioMed Ambassador will set you apart from others!


 5. Perks, Perks, Perks!

There are always perks to being an iBioMed Ambassador! Successful Ambassadors will receive a certificate of completion, as well as a letter of recommendation from the Co-Directors of the iBioMed Program. In addition, by being an iBioMed Ambassador you will get to be a part of so many unique events and experiences.

 Are you ready to become an ambassador?

Learn more about our ambassador program now!