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The Results Are In!April 10, 2018

The leaders of the first ever iBioMed Society have been selected

Wow, what a whirlwind, it was a quick election race that lasted only a week and a half, but our students were up to the task.


Here are our leaders in the first ever iBioMed Society!

Co-President (BME)

- Seth Ebos

Co-President (HESE)

- Brendan Tao

VP Finance

- Akil Hamilton

VP Student Life/Events

- Sarah Abdel

VP Academic

- Faaria Khan

VP External

- Yijinmide Mike Buren

Promotional Coordinator

- Cherrie Hung

iBioMed Rep

- Konrad Grala


Congratulations to all of the winners, we look forward to seeing the society grow next year!

iBioMed Society