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iBioMed Student SpotlightJuly 26, 2018

Meet Yumna Irfan, a Health, Engineering Science and Entrepreneurship (HESE) student

Name: Yumna Irfan
Award: Undergraduate Student Research Award
Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Level Entering: Level II
iBioMed Stream: Health, Engineering Science, and Entrepreneurship

With this program, I can integrate my interest in math and programming with my passion for solving healthcare problems. I plan to minor in computer science to compliment my degree, expand my skill set and gain a unique perspective to tackle health-care problems with technology.



Summer Research Project: McMaster Outreach Team &  Improving Processor Efficiency
Supervisor: Dr. Christopher K. Anand, Department of Computing and Software
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Summary of Research Project: McMaster Outreach

I am a part of the McMaster Outreach team, where I help develop tools and deliver workshops to teach children programming using Elm (a functional programming language). Elm helps students better understand mathematical concepts, and to display that, I helped design a 7-week study program in collaboration with the HWDSB (Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board). The tool that I am working on currently is a framework for a multiplayer game, so students can develop an interactive and collaborative mobile learning game.

How does the outcome of this project affect the real world?

The workshops help encourage enrollment of underprivileged youth in STEM. We are also working with teachers towards integrating computer science into the curriculum.

 McMaster Outreach Team

Above photo courtesy of MacOutreach and Yumna Irfan

Summary of Research Project: Improving Processor Efficiency 

I am working for IBM to prove the feasibility of a proposal to double the number of basic math functions that a computer can calculate per second.

How will this research be applied to the real world?

Computers that will use the new IBM processor will be extremely fast, and will also use up less power, making them better for the environment. This will be particularly useful for research that requires large data processing to be faster and more efficient.

What are your hopes for next year in iBioMed?

 I hope to do some cool projects next year and am excited for the new Health and Engineering Entrepreneurship course.

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