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iBioMed Presents at the USRE Poster ShowcaseAugust 9, 2018

McMaster Undergraduate Student Research in Engineering (USRE) held their annual Engineering Undergraduate Research Poster Showcase poster which invited students to submit a poster and presentation about their summer research projects. 7 presenting are iBioMed!

This was the first summer research poster showcase for our iBioMed students, McMaster Undergraduate Student Research in Engineering (USRE), and we had a great turn out with 7 iBioMed students presenting today!

iBioMed Students Presenting at the USRE Poster Showcase, Left to Right

Arjun Raghavan, Health, Engineering Science, and Entrepreneurship (HESE)
Yumna Irfan, Health, Engineering Science, and Entrepreneurship (HESE)
Sarah Abdel, (presented separately) Electrical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering
Amy Ling, Chemical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering
Juliana Onesi, Engineering Physics, and Biomedical Engineering
Ariana Hurley, Engineering Physics, and Biomedical Engineering
Laura Carter, Mechanical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering
Dua Alam, Engineering Physics, and Biomedical Engineering

Many of the iBioMed students excited to discuss how wonderful it was to take part in presenting at this year's summer research poster showcase. They were all excited to chat and explain in detail what projects they have been working on this summer.


Dua Alam, Engineering Physics and Biomedical Engineering, who was working in the  Gianluigi A. Botton Lab, presented “The Geometric Phase Analysis Algorithm for Analyzing HRTEM Images”.
Dua explained that she was exposed to two different experiences this summer. The first half of her project was focused on data work and she spent much of her time working at a computer, which is reflective in what she presented at the poster showcase the latter half of her summer research was spent in the lab, which Dua, explained was a great opportunity and she was thrilled to be able to spend time with some hands-on work in a true lab environment!


Arjun Raghavan, HESE Stream, who was working in the Kathryn Grandfield Lab, presented on “Incorporation of Nb2O5 in electrospun polycaprolactone/gelatin (PCL/GL) scaffolds for bone tissue engineering”.
Arjun shared that he loved working on his project in the lab this summer, however, he is also looking forward to starting the new school year this fall. He is excited to hit the ground running, continue learning about different design thinking outlooks and dive into the new HESE course IBEHS 2E06.


Left to Right: Amy Ling, Juliana Onesi, and Laura Carter all hailing from the Todd Hoare Lab and keep your eyes on the iBioMed News page for incoming Spotlights! 


Yumna Ifran working in the Christopher K. Anand Lab. Read Yumna's Spotlight !


 Left to Right: Ariana Hurley and Arjun Raghavan, from the Kathryn Grandfield Lab. Read more about Ariana's Project Here! 


Interested in seeing more from this year's UG Research poster showcase? We will be posting all the picture on Facebook HERE!


Oh, did we mention there was free ice cream? :)