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iBioMed Ambassador Program

iBioMed Ambassadors act as the official representatives of the iBioMed Program at all recruitment events and will promote the program in an official capacity. They give prospective students a personal and informative connection with the iBioMed Program and the McMaster community at large.

They also display and learn leadership skills by meeting with potential students, giving guided tours, and attending various campus and program events.

Some events Ambassadors can expect to attend are:

May @ Mac
Fall Preview
Ontario Universities' Fair (OUF)
Engineering 1 & iBioMed Info Fair
iBioMed Info Night
And more!

Our Ambassadors serve as liaisons to students, the faculties, and the McMaster community, and assist in the development and implementation of department-specific projects--they are an invaluable link to the iBioMed student body, as well as the larger Engineering & Health Sciences faculties. By establishing meaningful relationships with prospective and current students, faculty, and staff, student Ambassadors create a sense of belonging and connectedness to the iBioMed program.

As always, our Ambassadors will represent iBioMed at various events. Prospective students can come to any of our events and ask our Ambassadors any questions they may have about our program.

Official Representatives

Official Representatives

iBioMed Ambassadors are student volunteers that will represent the student body and help share perspectives.  They will be interacting with prospective students, parents, and current students.  They will be called upon to represent the program in a wide variety of ways, from recruitment events, to guided tours, to welcome week activities.  They will also be given access to the program's official social media platforms and be able to post newsworthy, student-oriented stories.  They'll be able to share experiences about their time in the iBioMed program!



iBioMed Ambassadors will volunteer to attend recruitment events, like May @ Mac, the Ontario Universities Fair (OUF), March Break Open House, Fall Preview, and the like in order to meet with prospective students and their parents to tell them all about the iBioMed program.  Ambassadors will also be able to post about these events on our official social media platforms.

Student Life

Student Life

iBioMed Ambassadors will be speaking directly with prospective students, their parents, or current students about their first-hand student experiences in the iBioMed program.  Whether it be via email, in-person meetings, tours, or over the phone, our Ambassadors will share their experience about the program in a professional and positive manner, outlining all of the current events, projects, or clubs and teams they are involved in.  

Design Studio

Design Studio

An iBioMed Ambassador is expected to conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and poise, and with that comes a level of responsibility above and beyond their peers.  As such, upper-year iBioMed Ambassadors will also be responsible for ensuring safe and proper use of the Design Studio; including, but not limited to ensuring the door is locked at night, that equipment is being used in the correct manner, that the Design Studio is neat, tidy, and used appropriately.

*Please note that this is only available for upper-year iBioMed Ambassadors

2018/19 Ambassadors

Meet your 2018/19 iBioMed Ambassadors. These students are official representatives of the iBioMed program, and you can find them at various program and campus events.

Hosam Abdel Hafeez

Hosam is from Hamilton and in his spare time he enjoys volunteering within his community.  Since joining iBioMed, Hosam has joined Scinapse.  We asked our new Ambassadors, "So far, what’s the best thing about being an iBioMed student?"  Hosam said:

"Having the opportunity to collaborate with peers to create solutions to health problems through an interdisciplinary approach."


Mosana Abraha

Mosana is from Toronto and enjoys playing soccer and running.  She's joined intramural soccer and is a part of McMaster's Cancer Society.

"I love how invested the instructors in IP10 are in our learning. You can see how excited they are with their enthusiasm not only in their lectures but also with how accessible they are via email or during office hours."


Allen An

Allen is an international student, originally from Shanghai, China.  He recently moved here and is living in Mississauga.  Allen enjoys watching movies and shows.  He has already joined the baja racing team, the badminton club and intramural table tennis.

"The best thing would definitely be learning about carpal tunnel syndrome and hip implant in our unique 1P10 course."


Anushree Chakravarty

Anushree takes pride in her problem-solving and leadership skills. In her spare time, she is a band member, knitting club member and mock trial member. She also enjoys working with kids, and credits this as helping develop her communication skills. 

"Perseverance through adversity and working towards a goal are necessary traits. These were developed through continuous volunteering and academic achievements."


Mariam Dawood

Mariam is an award-winning student who has experience as a Branding Coordinator and Camp Counsellor. She has also served a co-op placement with Hamilton Health Sciences. When asked about being an iBioMed Ambassador, she says:


"Serving as an ambassador for the iBioMed program will allow me to apply my communication skills to develop an informative connection with students!"


Alessia Di Nardo

Alessia is an energetic and active iBioMed student. When Alessia isn't out exploring her surroundings, she spends her time mentoring students of all ages, and assisting residents in long term care. In the summer of 2018 Alessia had the opportunity to work at the Atoms Laboratory, at the University of Toronto, to identify and create models of human aortic calcium deposits.

“The reason I wanted to become an iBioMed Ambassador is the chance to share the amazing experiences I had in first year with potential students.”


Lianna Genovese

Lianna is a highly motivated student who volunteers for the Hamilton Health Sciences and works as a lifeguard at the YMCA! Lianna is also a very active member of the Women in Engineering Society (WISE) and the cofounder of the charity Making a Dent, which provides oral care kits to cancer patients! After her first year Lianna and her teammates entered their design project into the Innovative Design for Accessibility (IDeA) competition and took first place for their accessibility painting tool!

“As an ambassador I want incoming students to realize that the work you do in class is a direct parallel to what you will be doing in the future!”


Yumna Irfan

Yumna is a Level II HESE student that enjoys programming! She dedicates time sharing her knowledge by traveling to schools teaching children about programming and helping them make the connection between mathematical thinking and programming. Yumna has been active in a few projects, including the Modern Construction Helmet, game design, and recently took part in MedHacks, at John Hopkins University, Baltimore. Yumna’s MedHacks group took first place for the phone app they designed! This app uses machine learning to identify cases of skin cancer.

“As an iBioMed ambassador I would share my experiences as well as talk about the multitude of opportunities that have been presented to me because of this program.”


Jessica Lim

Jessica is a forward-thinking Level I iBioMed student. Jessica has been a part of founding an engineering club at her local elementary school to help mentor kids and expose them to design projects. She has also had a hand in 1UP Urban Minds, an organization that strives to teach and empower youth to make improvements within their community environment.

“It is a unique privilege to be a part of the second iBioMed class, as we are not only students of a prestigious undergraduate program, but also the trailblazers. It is not often where one gets the opportunity to help build such a competitive program and share firsthand knowledge that can help and potentially inspire others, but as iBioMed ambassadors, we can to do just that.”


Amreen Mander

Amreen is an active Level I iBioMed student. Her interests include music and soccer! When Amreen isn’t performing a song or playing on the soccer field, she spends time volunteering with Homework Help as an after-school tutor and a member of the Stoney Creek Optimist Club!

“I believe with my dedication, passion and leadership skills I will thrive at promoting this innovative program that will produce trailblazers at the forefront of engineering and health sciences.”


Kierra McDougall

Kierra keeps herself very busy and is a student member of multiple societies.  She is a Welcome Week Rep for the McMaster Engineering Society and volunteers as a McMaster Engineering Student Tour Guide. Kierra keeps active as a lifeguard/swim instructor and is a member of McMaster’s Varsity Lacrosse Team! During the summer of 2018 Kierra worked as a research student at the London Health Sciences Centre assisting in the Kidney Clinical Research Unit.

“I have personal experience with the extracurriculars that McMaster has to offer and can speak to possible future students about getting involved with the McMaster community!”


Griffin McLean

Griffin is a busy Level I iBioMed student and took part in many activities leading up to starting at McMaster. Griffin volunteers and is a member of many groups. He also worked for E-bots Robotics, the Ontario Education Leadership Centre and the Ontario Science Centre!

“I can proactively and enthusiastically engage prospective students, their parents, and visitors by exciting them about my program while arousing curiosity, stimulating thought, and provoking questions by drawing from my experiences.”


Arjun Raghavan

Arjun is from Winnipeg and is a great person to connect with if you want to know more about what moving to Ontario is like! Arjun spent the summer of 2018 as a Summer Research Assistant at McMaster University focusing on the characterization and evaluation of electrospun fibers. Before he started the iBioMed program Arjun volunteered for Victoria General Hospital, and Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg and the Special Olympics!

“After an amazing and memorable first year I am incredibly passionate about my program, and I would like to use this passion to help show others all the amazing opportunities the iBioMed has to offer!”


Amanda Tomkins

Amanda is an artistic and creative student who enjoys the design process of project development that the iBioMed program gives her. In Amanda’s first year of iBioMed her team won first place for Best Design on their Design Project 4, titled FreeHand, a wearable glove that functions as a computer mouse!

“I absolutely love this program and want the chance to connect with future students and get them just as excited about iBioMed as I am!”



Abdullh Mohmed

Abdullh is a Level I iBioMed student who has experience working and volunteering for the YMCA and the Islamic Society of St. Catharines. Abdullh has earned an DSBN First Generation Student Bursary, was a DECA Finalist, and was awarded the Air Cadet Proficiency Award!

“I love the idea of joining the faculties of Health Sciences and Engineering to solve real-life health problems. I want to give back the same enthusiasm and helpfulness that I was given at May@Mac and events like the Ontario Universities Fair!”


Akansha Prasad

Akansha is from Markham and one of her favourite hobbies is cooking.  She's already joined McMaster's Women in Engineering Society.  When we asked her "What's the best thing about being an iBioMed student so far?"  Akansha said,

"I love the Design Projects because I enjoy applying what we learn in lectures!"


Akansha Prasad

Why Become an Ambassador?

There are many benefits and rewards to becoming an iBioMed Ambassador.  

Benefits & Skill Development

As an iBioMed Ambassador, you will learn several transferrable skills that can be used as a student, or in your future careers.






Project/Event Management

Public Speaking



Of course, there is always a perk to being an iBioMed Ambassador!

Certificate of Completion

Official Letter from the Co-Directors of the Program

A Great Resume-Booster!

Apply Now!

Looking for a chance to network, attend cool events, boost your resume and connect with prospective students? If so, then becoming an iBioMed Ambassador is for you! Check out the time commitment involved, requirements and application process below. If you think you've got what it takes, we want to hear from you!

Time Commitment

How much time is this actually going to take?  You'll be asked to help at various times throughout the year.  Below, you'll find some common examples and the timing of the events.



Welcome Events
Fall Preview
Design Studio (upper years only)



Level 2 Fair
Information Nights
March Break
Design Studio (upper years only)
End of Year Fun



May @ Mac
Photos & Videos
Email Inquiries



Ambassador Application
Email Inquiries
Prep for Next Year
Special Projects
Have fun!

Application Process

Note for current Ambassadors: If you want to be an Ambassador again for the 2019 / 2020 academic term, you only need to submit a letter of intent to 

ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS ARE DUE BY: Sunday July 28, 2019 at 11:59 PM


You must be a registered student in the iBioMed program.



Apply by submitting a cover letter, resume and 30-second video explaining what you like most about the iBioMed program to



We'll do a background check on you--in other words, we'll be checking your grades!


All successful Ambassadors will be required to sign an Ambassador Code of Conduct