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Backpack to Briefcase: Alumni & Student Networking Event
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Backpack to Briefcase: Alumni & Student Networking Event

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CIBC Hall, McMaster University Student Centre

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Carm Vespi,

Are you a student looking for mentorship and support? Alumni share their experiences to prepare you for your future years at McMaster and beyond.

Over the years, McMaster Engineering has hosted an alumni/student mentorship evening, where distinguished alumni reconnect with McMaster and engineering students.  

Backpack to Briefcase, which will be held on Wednesday, January 24, 2018, will offer engineering students the opportunity to network and connect with mentors. 

The alumni mentors work in a variety of engineering fields, representing diverse backgrounds and bring valuable insights from their days at McMaster and beyond.  Alumni will share their experiences about academics, study skills, day-to-day issues, career planning, networking and professional development. They were students once too, they understand student goals and concerns and will be happy to address any questions that you students may have.

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6:45 PM: Arrival
7:00 PM: Welcome & Introductions - Dr. Ishwar K. Puri
7:10 PM: Panel Discussion
7:40 PM: Question & Answer Period 
8:00 PM: Alumni & Student Mentoring Period
8:15 PM: Light Refreshments


Ash Ayyaswamy  Gabriella (Gaby) Bohus Kristie Syndikus
Ash Ayyaswamy
Electrical & Biomedical Eng. '09
Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation '12
Electrical Eng. & Mgmt. '09 Mechaniacl Eng. & Mgmt. '98, MBA '01
Sales & Business Development,
Grantek Systems Intergration
Senior Manager, Digital Strategy
& Innovation, CIBC
Vice President, Corporate Supply Chain Management, Celestica



Abarca Dr. Carla Chemical Eng. Ph.D. '17 McMaster University
Abedeen Zaki Chemical Eng. '06 Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions
Abedin Mohammed Chemical Eng. ‘10 and Masters of Eng. Design '11 Array
Al-Ali Ahmad Electrical Eng. '07 Ontario Power Generation
Ali Akeel Civil Eng. & Management '17 GHD Limited.
Arif Rehan Mechanical Eng. '11 Hatch
Audel Remy B.Tech.  - Automotive '16 and Master of Eng.  Design '17 General Motors of Canada
Badawy Ghada Electrical & Computer Eng. Ph.D.'10 McMaster University
Balaghi Negin Electrical Eng. '16 Conavi Medical
Bawa Salman Master of Eng. Entrepreneurship and Innovation '11 McMaster University
Beaulieu Rachel Materials Eng. & Managementt '11 Procter & Gamble Inc.
Beckberger Jean Chemical Eng. '98 ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Bedford Leigh Chemical & Bioengineering '13 SCIEX
Berger Isabel Eng Physics & Society '06 Hydro One Networks
Berry Sheena Civil Eng. & Scty ‘17 Edison Engineers
Boukhers Elias Electrical Eng. '04 ON Semiconductor
Bourgeois Sarah Civil Eng. '16 Toromont Caterpillar
Briere Alyssa Materials Eng. & Society ‘12 Stelco
Burrows Catherine B.Tech. - Civil '14 and Masters of Eng. Design '15 Mantecon Partners Inc
Cheyne Erica Computer Science '17 Loblaw Companies Ltd.
Ciardullo Kristi Chemical Eng. '15 N/A (looking for employment)
Colantonio Natalie Civil Eng. '14, M.A.Sc. '16 WSP
Collins Madeline Civil Eng. & Society '16 Enviro-Stewards
Crockett Ondrea Electrical Eng. & Mgmt '97 Kordz Pty Ltd.
De Rango Danielle  Materials Eng. & Society '15 McMaster University
DeRosa Danielle Civil Eng. '10 Sobotec Ltd.
Dewaele (Saraco) Joan Electrical Eng. '88 Chartwell Retirement Residences
Dissanayake Danith B.Tech.  - Automotive  '13 Voith Turbo
Do Phillip Electrical Eng.'14 Thales
Dorgo Jessica Civil Eng. & Scty '16 CIMA Canada Inc.
Dr. Barna Szabados Electrical M.Eng. '69, Ph.D '71 Professor emeritus, Dept ECE McMaster
Dubeckyj Rachel Chemical & Bioengineering '15 Imperial
Englert Melanie Mechanical Eng. & Management '16 Bering Mechanical Ltd
Ermarkaryan Christine Chemical Eng. & Management '90, MBA '95 Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc.
Ezzeldin Dr. Mohamed Civil Eng. Ph.D.'16 McMaster University
Forster Andrea Mechanical Eng. & Mgmt '03, MBA '07 SUEZ Water Technologies
Frasca Robert Mechanical Eng. '96 s.m.a.r.t. industry solutions inc.
Gavric Jelena Materials Eng. & Society '12 Suncor Energy
Gerlach Aaron B.Tech.  - Manufacturing '12 Clearpath Robotics
Gordon Dr. Charles Eng. Physics, M.Eng '76, Ph.D '79 AMEC NSS Ltd.
Gregoriou Iris Chemical Eng. & Management '97 Manulife
Hinds Janelle Electrical & Biomedical Eng. '15 Helping Hands
Hopper Joy Business Informatics '15 TD Bank Financial Group
Huhtanen Jayne Chemical Eng. & Management '85 FocalPoint Coaching of Toronto
Huzevka Brandon Chemical Eng. ‘15 Imperial Oil
Iqbal Javed Master of Eng. Design '12 ArcelorMittal Hamilton East
Iturregui Lynn Civil Eng. & Management '97 Hatch
Jones Don Mechanical Eng. '64 SES Consultants
Juneja Prabhat Computer Eng. '88 Moneris Solutions
Kaas Alina Mechanical Eng. '15 L3 Wescam
Kazienko Tanya Civil Eng. & Society '13 Pinpoint Engineering 
Khan Shoaib Electrical Eng. '04 Quickplay Media
Kim JuYoung Civil Eng. & Society '16 CIMA+
Kirkpatrick Robert Mechanical Eng. '78 Elliott Turbomachinery Canada Inc.
Kobylecky Alex Materials Eng. '16 Steel Image Inc.
Levie John Chemical Eng. '92, M.Eng. '96 ASI Water
Lewis Michael Electrical Eng. & Management '08 Evertz Microsystems
Liebersbach Jayde Enviro Sci. '12 and Masters of Eng. Design '16 East 45th + Maple
Lightstone Emily Civil Eng. & Society '17 University of Toronto
Lister Rob Electrical Eng. and Management '81, MBA '86 Oakville Enterprises
Liut Michael Computer Science '15, M.Eng. Software '16 McMaster University
Magyarody Tom  Mechanical Eng. & Mgmt. '79 , MBA '82 Ontario Medical Association
Massaro Alessandra (Maria) Civil Eng. & Society '13 CIMA+
McAuley Rob  Computer Eng. '81, MBA '91 Retired, formerly IBM
McFadyen Brian Computer Eng. '81 The Alternative Board - Vineland
McFadyen Brian Computer Eng. '81 The Alternative Board - Vineland
McNeil Lynn  Eng. Physics '78 ChipCare Corp
Mills Jen B.Tech. - Biotechnology '16 Restaurant Brands International
Nagy Douglas Ceramic Eng. '86 Liburdi Turbine Services
Nowoselski Jackie Mechanical Eng. '16 TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer Ltd
Ostan Terry Mechanical Eng. & Management '84 General Motors of Canada Company
Palombella Romeo Civil Eng. '73 PAL-TECH ENGINEERING INC.
Paramanatahn Barane Computer Science '15 Bell
Parisi Melissa Mechanical Eng. ‘15 Parker Hannifin
Parris Chanel  Mechatronics Eng. '11 L3 WESCAM
Patel Nipa Electrical & Computer M.Eng. '11 Etratech Inc. 
Patel Nishit Chemical & Bioengineering '12 and Masters of Eng. Design '15 Dastur International
Paynter Alex B. Tech. - Process Automation '14 Deb World Wide Health Care Inc
Picco Michael Civil Eng. '84 Picco Engineering
Pilobello Alvin Chemical Eng. & Bioengineering '09 City of Brampton
Plukov George  Computer Science '17 Mappedin
Rashid Sana Software Eng. '11 Aversan
Rawson Sam Electrical Eng. '15, M.Eng. '16  JNE Consulting Ltd.
Rees Alex Civil Eng. & Society '17 CH2M HILL
Reilly Dr. Jim Electrical M.Eng. '77, Ph.D. '81 Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Eng. 
Rocque Adam Computer Eng. '17 Evertz Microsystems
Rowles Peter  Electrical Eng. & Management  '78 Posterity Group
Salam Hassan Electrical Eng. '12 iaqob technologies
Salim Muna Chemical Eng. '10 Enbridge Gas Distribution
Samaka Princess BTech. - Biotechnology '17 Graduate Student, Master of Biotechnology, U of T 
Sawh Shakti Eng. Phys. ‘05 Kinectrics Inc.
Schaible  Walter  Electrical Eng. '80, M.Eng. '83 ASI FLUID MANAGEMENT
Schroder Deirdre Chemical Eng. & Management  '06, MBA '12 Labatt Brewing
Schultz Kent Civil Eng. & Management '13 Pretium Anderson
Scriven Michael Eng. Physics '11, MA '15 Systemware Innovation
Sedran Paul Mechanical Eng. '81, M.Eng. '93 RESD Inc.
Sennik Sonia Engineering Physics '08 Creative Destruction Lab - Rotman School of Management
Shearer Howard Electrical Eng. '77 HITACHI
Sherazi Bilal Civil Eng. '12 Environmental Infrastructure Solutions
Silva Catherine Materials Eng. & Society '12, M.A.Sc. '15 Washington Mills Electro Minerals Corp.
Smeenk Margot Civil Eng. '85 exp Services Inc.
Spackman Jaclyn Materials & Society '11 Stelco
Spackman James Computer Eng. & Management '08 Spine Advanced
Starr Dave Civil Eng. & Management '82, MBA '86 ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Succi Gina Civil Eng. '89 Westhill Innovation Inc
Tan Stephanie Civil Eng. '15 Hydro One
Taylor Cathy Civil Eng. & Management ' 82 ECN Capital Corp.
Thomas Phil  Electrical Eng. '81, M.Eng. '84 Sagelinx Consulting
Thurgood Anne Mechanical Eng. & Management '92 Unilever Canada
Tran Stephanie Chemical Eng. & Soceity '17 R.V. Anderson
Vespi  Lisa Civil Eng. & Society '08  Niagara Region
Vij  Karun Electrical and Biomedical Eng. '15 Rockwell Automation
Wei Maria Electrical Eng. '04 Bereskin & Parr LLP
White Rob Metallurgical Eng. '89, MBA '07 ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Williams Jessica Chemical Engineering & Biosciences '07 SUEZ Water Technologies
Xhemalaj Tegiola B.Tech. - Civil Eng. '15 and Masters of Eng. Design '17 Nieuport Aviation Infrastructure Partners
Youssef Norhan Mechanical Engineering '13 Suez
Zafari Farhad Chemical Eng. MA '16 Vision group
Zaga Sergio B.Tech. - Civil ’13 Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Zaky Khaled Software Eng. '14 TD Bank Financial Group
Zheng Jiemin Civil M.Eng.'14 Envirosystems Incorporated
Zuchowski Shane Electrical Eng. & Society '17 Hydro One