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Hatch Centre: Student Workshop

A space for all McMaster Engineering undergraduate students. Accessible after completing the online training modules and quizzes on Avenue to Learn; afterwards students will receive their Tier 1 safety certification. Students will have immediate access to the workspace, and hand tools in the Student Workshop; however, additional training will be required for more heavy machinery such as the bandsaw. After the supplementary training has been completed students will be able to machine metals, and have access to the woodworking room.

This space is open to all Engineering Undergraduate students. In order to gain access to the space students can drop by the office and speak with the Workshop Technologist Co-Op Student in JHE-H104A to be enrolled in the Avenue to Learn Student Workshop course . After completing the online training videos, and online quizzes an Orientation session can be booked so students can get acquainted with the work space.

The woodworking space has a powerful room-wide air ventilation system that can be manually turned on which will remove dust and airborne particulates from the space, on top of the use of the Festool ecosystem of powertools. This tool ecosystem is designed to work in conjunction with their dust extractors which contains a HEPA filter in order to have a relatively dust-free work environment. Hearing, and eye protection are required when working in the space. To access this space students must undergo additional training on top of the basic Student Workshop training.

With the basic Student Workshop training students will be able to use the workspace, and its basic hand tools; however if students wish to expand their technical knowledge, and skills they can talk to the Workshop Technologist in order to book a training session with the larger powertools which include:

  • Powermatic Belt/Disc Sander (Wood, and Ferrous Metals)
  • Palmgren Pedestal Grinder
  • Strands S25T Geared Head Drill Press
  • E-R Maier Vertical Gravity Bandsaw
  • Powermatic 18" Variable Speed Drill Press
  • Powermatic 14" Bandsaw
  • Festool Jigsaw, Palm Sander, Router, Track Saw
  • Lincoln Electric Power MIG 256
  • Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225
  • Microweily High Speed Precision Lathe
  • First Vertical Milling Machine