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We know you have an important decision ahead of you, so we've created this virtual space to allow you to connect with the Engineering Recruitment team, our students, and to explore our campus from a distance. 

Meet with McMaster Engineering 

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Webinars are online chat sessions that include a 30-minute expert presentation followed by a question and answer session.


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Your Year Ahead

This webinar will tell you more about the international student experience in engineering at McMaster. Topics include: clubs & teams, program-specifics, class, work opportunities, upper-year scholarships, research opportunities, residence, and more! Current students will provide their unique perspectives on why they chose McMaster.
Apr 14, 2020 08:00 EST & 10:30 EST
This webinar date has passed, please watch the video online here.

Co-op & Careers

This webinar will cover topics related to co-op, internships, part-time work and careers. We'll be joined by staff from Engineering Co-op and Career Services, as well as some current students who will share their perspective on what makes McMaster a great place to work and study.
Apr 21, 2020 08:00 EST & 10:30 EST
This webinar date has passed, please watch the video online here.

Academic Advising

This webinar will cover topics on course enrolment, choosing electives, pursuing a minor, transfer credit, grading, and moving to level II. We'll be joined by Engineering Academic Advisors who are experts on the topic!
Apr 28, 2020 08:00 & 10:30 EST 
This webinar date has passed, please watch the video online here.

Connect with Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors are all current undergraduate students within the Faculty of Engineering. Learn more about our ambassadors and what they love most about being a part of the McMaster Engineering community!



Take the Engineering Virtual Tour of Campus

Can't make it to campus? This experience is the next best thing. Explore residences, lecture halls, gym facilities and more.

Take the 360 Tour

Explore the 360 virtual tour of the HATCH centre, iBioMed Design Studio, and BTech Learning Factory.


Capstone Video Showcase 2020

We are proud to present the innovative final year capstone projects from our engineering students. The following videos demonstrate these projects, which represent the culmination of a year’s work and a chance to demonstrate both theoretical and applied skills.


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Life at McMaster Engineering

At McMaster, you'll find more than just a world-class education. Our students are the sum total of all their MacEng experiences, inside and outside the classrooms.

Discover how you can define your own experience here and how we will help you to get there with our Degree + Experience promise.




Explore Clubs and Teams

Our students take extracurricular activity to the next level. Are you looking to get involved?
With more than 55 Faculty of Engineering affiliated clubs and teams, exceeding 1,400 members, there's truly something for everyone.


Meet Our Students

McMaster Engineering: where students come together as one #FireballFamily to learn through cooperation, not competition. Discover how you can define your own experience here and how we will help you to get there.

Meet Biya Kazmi.

Computer Science, Year 5


Meet Maanav Dalal.

Software Engineering, Year 2 


Meet Varun Jain.

 Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences, Year 2


Meet Julee Minniti.

Biotechnology, Year 3


Discover Hamilton

Hamilton is known as The Hammer. Steeltown. The Ambitious City. It's also been called the Brooklyn of Canada: the new housing hotspot for Toronto transplants. Hamilton is located less than an hour’s drive from the United States border and only 45 minutes from Toronto, Niagara Falls, Waterloo, and Guelph. An on-campus GO Bus Terminal allows students to commute easily from the Greater Toronto Area. 


  • more waterfalls than anywhere else in the world (100+)
  • a thriving art scene
  • a beloved Canadian Football League team
  • endless hiking trails
  • a vibrant music and nightlife culture
  • enough delicious restaurants to impress any foodie

Life in Hamilton: Hamilton in the News

Top 25 communities in Canada

Top 25 communities in Canada

Maclean’s calculated which cities and towns offer the best quality of life in Canada. Hamilton ranked as #24!

Weekend Getaway: Yes, Hamilton is well worth a visit

Weekend Getaway: Yes, Hamilton is well worth a visit

What’s an easy day trip from Toronto that doesn’t require much planning? It’s Hammer Time.

Profiles of Hamilton

Bounded by the picturesque southern shores of Lake Ontario, with the lush trails of the Niagara Escarpment, Hamilton is the Waterfall Capital of Canada and a designated UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. 


McMaster Engineering responding to COVID-19 Crisis

McMaster Engineering is a community that comes together during a time of crisis.

Supporting our Students: An engineering student’s story

May 29, 2020 /  Department News

Supporting our Students: An engineering student’s story

SOS is an ongoing series that highlights how COVID-19 is impacting McMaster students. This instalment is by an engineering student who wished to remain anonymous.

McMaster Engineering embraces new world of remote undergraduate summer research

May 13, 2020 /  Department News

McMaster Engineering embraces new world of remote undergraduate summer research

The Faculty and student groups have come together to ensure undergraduate student researchers have an enriching research experiences this summer while working from home.

How McMaster engineers are paving the way for new standards for medical masks in Canada

May 1, 2020 /  Department News

How McMaster engineers are paving the way for new standards for medical masks in Canada

Researchers at McMaster Engineering are rigorously testing surgical and N95 mask designs in innovative ways. Their goals? To equip the public with more protective masks, and ultimately create better masks for the next generation.

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A Message to Offer Holders

Congratulations to those who have received an offer of admission to McMaster's Faculty of Engineering. We're sad we can't see you in person right now, but here are some words from the Fireball Family to brighten up your day. We hope to see you in September! 


COVID-19: Information and Updates Regarding Admissions 

Any questions? Contact us! 

Message from the Dean 


A message to applicants from Dean Ishwar K. Puri regarding the fall semester.

But I can say with confidence that McMaster Engineering will be ready for the fall. We are a faculty that is resilient, quick to adapt and ready to meet the challenges ahead.


Having trouble finding what you are looking for? Here is a list of hot topics and links to the top FAQs pages across the university. Still can't find what you're looking for? Email and we will help you out. 


Course enrolment will begin in July. You'll be emailed more details in June. You can also find more information on the Engineering Advising Office FAQs page here.

Our academic advising team will continue to offer virtual support and guidance to our students throughout this transition to full-time online learning. We are steadfast in upholding our first-year student success rates which have consistently been the highest in Canada. You will also be assigned a mentor, through the University’s Archway program, who will guide and support you through your first year.

We are committed to offering high quality online content. Our professors and instructors are working with experts in teaching and learning at McMaster’s MacPherson Institute to ensure we offer the best virtual lectures possible this fall. While we have a history of teaching innovation and success, we will continue to offer workshops on the latest online skills to faculty.

Our new first year engineering program, which is project-based, was designed from the start to have an option to teach students through virtual labs. We are working closely with an educational company, Quanser to offer a high-fidelity interactive lab experience, the latest innovation in engineering labs. For each project, you'll work remotely with your team to create solutions to a challenge in autonomous vehicles, renewable technology, healthcare, sustainability and more, from brainstorming a design to creating prototypes using robotics.

We have created a new virtual program for incoming studentsEMBER. To be launched in August, the free Engineering Mentorship & Bridging Education Program (non-credit) will be offered to students entering their first year of Engineering, Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences programs to help set them up for academic (math, physics, chemistry) and social success. Registration opens on June 8.

Residence & Campus Access

Our focus is on making the fall 2020 term an amazing experience. It would be premature to try to make decisions about the Winter 2021 term. This will be determined this fall and we are committed to continue communicating with you so you are well-informed and aware of any developments.

Co-op & Research

Our co-op team will also be offering virtual support to students in seeking their flexible work terms, and to offer professional skills development, including an online pre-co-op prep course (non-credit) for all students in their first year of studies. We will continue to offer a range of events with employers and career building-focused sessions throughout the fall.

We understand that students must continue to learn by doing. In June, we are running a virtual MacChangers change-a-thon, which is open to all current and incoming students to address COVID-19 challenges. As well, we have moved our undergraduate summer research program online, providing opportunities to our students to gain skills of inquiry. We are dedicated to supporting those of your who have received Engineering Research Experience Awards for 2021.

International Students

In keeping with our commitment to equitable course design, we will ensure that our students are fully able to access the course materials, have quality interaction with their instructors, and are supported to be academically successful.

Check back for details. 


Please visit the Aid & Awards website here for information on tuition, supplementary fees, government aid, scholarships and bursaries, work programs, and more!

Our application-based scholarships were released alongside a first round of offers in March. Unfortunately, all of these entrance scholarships have been awarded at this time.

However, this was our largest and most competitive pool of candidates ever with over 1600 applicants. The process of narrowing down a large applicant pool is a challenging one, especially when it is composed of so many highly qualified individuals.

We encourage you to check out the Aid & Awards website which includes information on in-course scholarships, bursaries, and work programs for once you’re a student at McMaster!

Student Life

We are working with our clubs and teams to launch virtual experiences this fall. We’re partnering with the McMaster Engineering Society to develop new ways to engage students.

Stay tuned for more information!

Our McMaster Engineering Society and Welcome Week Co-Coorindators are working hard to transition orientation events into an online format. 

Faculty of Engineering students will have the added advantage of being able to participate in our summer program, EMBER, which will include networking and orientation components to help you integrate into the Fireball Family. 

Finally, the university has launched Archway, a new support team at McMaster that works with all incoming first-year students from the day they are accepted and right up until second-year. Students will be connected with an Archway Coach and Mentor who will take the time to understand your goals and what you want out of your McMaster experience. This professional team will partner with you throughout the year to make sure you are connected to the right information, people and fellow students to make your year a success.

We can assure you that none of the clubs in the Faculty of Engineering are cancelled for the 2020-2021 school year (even the technical ones). The Faculty of Engineering is working on a plan that would allow these teams to work on their physical structure, however details have not been confirmed. In addition, over the next month and a half, all clubs/teams will be participating in a 4-part webinar series which will teach them how to run events online, recruit new members, lead an executive team online, etc. This will help them adjust to the new virtual world that we're living in.