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Virtual Math Workshops- Grade SK Geometry

Grade 1 Math (Patterns)

Apply your programming skills and learn about different shapes and their properties using everyday examples of shapes all around us in an interactive game called Shapezilla. We will be using the Scratch coding platform to increase understanding of basic coding fundamentals and enhance digital literacy skills using block coding. You will receive an introduction to block coding and different coding fundamentals such as conditional statements and loops. The goal of the game is to correctly identify each of the shapes drawn on the screen based on the number of sides and vertices the shape has. This project will help make connections between computer science theory and an introduction to geometry. 

Virtual workshop content will be available to those who have completed the online registration. Please encourage other co-workers to complete the online registration in order to access the video material so we can maintain the integrity of our tracking systems. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please fill out one registration form per class - you will be emailed the content after registration 


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