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The Pilot: Engineering Applicant Challenge Feedback

Thank you for joining us for The Pilot: Engineering Applicant Challenge! 

We'd love some feedback from you on how we can better improve our future sessions.  

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly DisagreeNot Applicable
This design-a-thon was an interesting and exciting event to be a part of. *
This design-a-thon was well organized and I understood how to navigate through the event/platform. *
I had a clear sense of the Challenge's expectations and felt ready to work with my team. *
Impactus Labs did well in communicating important information, updates, and presentations. *
The Student Partners were helpful and responsive in supporting my team. *
The workshops were engaging and helped prepare me for group discussions and brainstorms. *
Very GoodGoodAveragePoorVery PoorDid not attend
Friday Night Social - Clubs & Teams Booths *
Friday Night Social - Campus/Student Life Booth *
Friday Night Social - Co-op & Admissions Booth *
Friday Night Social - Activities & Games Booth *
Workshop - Engineering Design *
Student Panel - Saturday *
Workshop - Prototyping *
Workshop - Sustainable Design *
Workshop - Design Review *
Student Panel - Sunday *