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Kipling Presenter Form 2020

The actual ringing of the candidate may be done by an obligated engineer of your choice who accepted obligation a minimum of 10 years ago. The intent of this requirement is to have Engineers of some experience, welcoming and encouraging you as a new Engineer.

Who can present me my iron ring?
1) An engineer who has taken the obligation and received the iron ring a minimum of 10 years ago.
2) Faculty members are always delighted to be asked to ring one of their students. However, please ask them in advance, to ensure that he or she will be at the Ceremony. Please be sure to complete this form.
3) Seven Camp Wardens will be in attendance at the ceremony to present the rings to graduating engineers who do not have presenters.
4) Limited one presenter per person!

You will only be contacted if there is more information required. If you are not contacted, your presenter has been approved. Please have them attend the ceremony with you and ensure they are wearing their ring.