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Graduate Studies in Engineering Physics

If you are interested in studying with any of our Faculty members, fill out this form to get in touch and discuss your options!

This form is our way of aiding you in the process and is the best point of initial contact

Some tips to get you started:

  • Tell us which professor you are interested in. Please use 1 form per faculty member.
  • Do your homework – tell us which specific project you are interested in and with whom. Do some research in the area, read some of the professor’s papers, and present an interest in a specific project related to the professor’s research. Demonstrate that you have some initiative and provide the professor with some demonstration that you’ve actually read their work and thought about a project that interests you.
  • Why should we hire you? What courses, skills, and experiences do you possess that are relevant to the project. Prove that you have the background to do well in a specific project.
  • Ask any specific questions you may have about the professor’s work, based on what you’ve read in one of their papers or on their website. Show that you are curious about the subject you are proposing to work on for the next few years. 
If your previous or current university does not use numeric averages, please make an educated guess to convert your cumulative average.
Tell this faculty member why you are interested. Keep it short. What you are interested in pursuing graduate studies? What are your career goals? Highlight your previous research experience or related activities.
Tell this faculty member why you are interested in working with them specifically. Provide 3 to 5 sentences to explain.
We strongly encourage you to provide us with your CV and unofficial transcripts to provide faculty members with a better understanding of your skillsets. PDF files are preferred.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
List other notable information that was not previously stated, this could include items such as: publications, related courses, competitions, conference presentations, awards, if you have applied for (or plan to apply for) any major scholarships, etc.

Thank you for considering the Department of Engineering Physics.

Please be patient and give the faculty member a minimum of two weeks to respond to your form submission.