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Dr. Ousmane Hisseine

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering

• Bio-inspired Materials and Their Structural Applications • Cement and Concrete Composites • Infrastructure Sustainability and Resilience • Low-carbon Construction • Material-Oriented Structural Design • Multifunctional Construction Materials • Multi-scale Characterization • Ultra-High-Performance Concrete for Bridge Construction and Repair
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JHE 227
+1 905.525.9140 x 27903


Dr. Hisseine’s research group aims at fostering decarbonization pathways in the cement concrete sector to support local and global net-zero-carbon ambitions, thereby propelling the deployment of sustainable and resilient civil infrastructure. Our research focuses on material-oriented integrated design of civil infrastructure, with a particular interest in cement and concrete composites. We combine experimental and analytical approaches for the development of low-carbon cements, valorization of industry byproducts in concrete, multi-scale characterization and design of high-performance fibre-reinforced cementitious composites, sustainable repair solutions for aging concrete infrastructure, and durability of concrete infrastructure in a changing climate.



Dr. Hisseine obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Civil Engineering at the University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) where he also served as a Lecturer. He obtained his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke (QC, Canada) as a Vanier Scholar. Prior to joining McMaster University, Dr. Hisseine was a Lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Laval University’s Laboratory of Nano- and Micromechanics. Dr. Hisseine is a past recipient of  several awards and recognitions including: the First rank in the FRQNT Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2021 (Committee 05E: Manufacturing and Construction); the Best Ph.D. Thesis Award at the University of Sherbrooke for 2020; the Leonardo da Vinci Medal for 2018; Canada Vanier Scholarship; Pierre-Claude Aïtcin Scholarship from the American Concrete Institute-Quebec and Eastern Ontario; the Best Master Thesis Award at the University of Sharjah in the UAE; and Sharjah Governor’s Scholarship.



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