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Dr. Kostas Apostolou, LEL.

Associate Director (Undergraduate)
W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology

Assistant Professor, Automation Engineering Technology
W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology

Automation Engineering Technology
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ETB 213
+1 905.525.9140 x 20288


Dr. Apostolou is a teaching-track assistant professor in the W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology in the field of process automation. A chemical engineer with a Dipl.Eng. from the Aristotle University in Greece and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, he has been teaching at McMaster for over ten years in a variety of fundamental engineering and process modeling courses. In his courses he strives to help his students reach and increase their potential, while equipping them with the tools necessary to become productive citizens. To achieve that, he uses ample active learning in the classroom, blended learning through on-line quizzes, and practical training through labs. Teaching in an applied field, he always tries to connect theory to practice through everyday examples and by actively pursuing students’ interactions with the industry and the community. He has served as the Chair of the Automation Engineering Technology Program and has been a MacPherson Institute Research Fellow. In 2017 he received the President’s Award for Outstanding Contributions in Teaching and Learning.

Did you know…

Dr. Apostolou’s research interest are in the area of deep learning through technology-enhanced learning.   He has also got extensive eperience in computational fluid dynamics with emphasis on complex and multiphase flows on the micro scale.




Dipl. Eng, Thessaloniki; PhD, Minnesota;


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