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Dr. Kon (Max) Wong

Professor Emeritus
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Signal detection and estimation ; Sensor array processing ; Adaptive filtering ; Communication theory ; Optimum designs of transmitters and receivers ; MIMO communications ; Applications of wavelets and solutions in communications ; Biomedical signal processing
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+1 905.525.9140 x 24098


Did you know…

Prof. Wong is interested in classical music and has been studying the piano since his early childhood. He has special affinity for Beethoven, Brahms and Chopin. Prof. Wong is also a keen artist, being particularly attracted to the painting of portraits and still life. Poetry and philosophy are among his favourite reading materials.

Prof. Wong likes to participate in most water sports especially in swimming, rowing, and snorkelling. In the past, he played table tennis at a highly competitive level and was the President of the Canadian Table Tennis Association (1988 – 1994) and a Council Member of the International Table Tennis Federation.



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H.P. Li, T.T. Liu, J.-K. Zhang, and K.M. Wong, Worst-case performance optimization for robust power control in downlink beamforming”, EURASIP Signal Processing, April. 2013.

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J. Liu, T.N. Davidson, and K.M. Wong, “Diversity analysis and design of space-time multi-block codes for MIMO systems equipped with linear MMSE receivers”, IEEE Trans. Inf. Th., vol. 56, no.10, pp 4802–4819, October, 2010.



  • BSc (University of London, England)
  • DIC (Imperial College, University of London, England)
  • PhD (University of London, England)
  • DSc (University of London, England)


P.Eng. CEng, FCAE, Life FIEEE, FIET, FInstP, FSS; Canada Research Chair in Signal Processing; Dean’s Teaching Honour Roll (ElecEng 4TK4); Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; Humboldt International Research Award; Engineering Research Achievement Award

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