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Experiential Learning – ENGINEER 3CX3

ENGINEER 3CX3 provides students with the opportunity to earn course credit for valuable experiential learning which occurs while heavily involved in extracurricular clubs, teams, and groups. For ENG 3CX3, the student’s role and work must be non-technical in nature, as this course is meant to be the complementary elective version of the technical course for experiential credit offered already (Engineer 4EX3).

What is a non-technical role? This could be positions with the McMaster Engineering Society (MES), MacChangers, Engineers Without Borders, Women in Engineering, Engineering Musical, Sport Teams, etc. Basically, these are roles that do not involve the technical side of students’ engineering skillset (design, calculations, simulations, programming, etc.), but focus more on complementary skillsets (teamwork, project management, leadership, communications, etc.)

The course is structured to maximize the value of the skills students learn during extracurriculars, to develop additional relevant skills, and to better articulate the skills students possess going forward.  Classroom time will largely be structured in a workshop-style format, relying heavily on peer-to-peer interactions, and will focus on developing skills such as:

  • Leadership and management,
  • Self-directed learning,
  • Teamwork and conflict management,
  • Communication,
  • Budgeting and sponsorship, etc.

Students will choose from different deliverables that align with their goals and their extracurricular duties, allowing students to track progress throughout the year, resulting in a tangible outcome demonstrating the skills that have been developed. This is a graded complementary elective (2 terms, September-April) with 3 credits towards a student’s degree.

To learn more about this course, you can read the course outline below or reach out to the course instructor, Dr. Shelir Ebrahimi.

What to expect from 3CX3

3CX3 Testimonials

Agatha Jawor in a swimming pool wearing a blue cap with the number 4 on it

Agatha Jawor Check out Agatha's Portfolio site

Overall, this course greatly changed my perspective and added more meaning to mundane actions. It helped me find a purpose in what I was doing and validate the time spent on sports beyond just personal enjoyment.

A group of people walking on a sidewalk

OJ Onyeagwu Check out OJ's portfolio site

Taking this course helped me learn how to adjust to new circumstances and design new plans to still meet my goals.

Rosalie's Headshot

Rosalie Wang Check out Rosalie's Portfolio site

I was able to dedicate time towards further developing my leadership skills through the activities and reflections of ENGINEER 3CX3 during my time as the 2022-2023 Vice President of Finance & Administration of the McMaster Engineering Society.