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Virtual Fireball Chats with Alumni - October 2021

Virtual Fireball Chats with Alumni - October 2021

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Online via Zoom

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Carm Vespi

This month's topic: Engineering, the Seeds of Growth


The Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University would like to offer you an opportunity to further support the success of our students. We have started a new initiative in the Faculty of Engineering to develop a face-to-face mentoring program between current students and our alumni – Fireball Chats with Alumni.

Fireball Chats with Alumni give the McMaster Engineering community the opportunity to chat to a small group of students and share their personal experiences as an engineer in the workforce. Our hope is that each month we can offer our students a chance to have a casual conversation with engineers during which they can ask for advice, help, or insight.

Engineering, the Seeds of Growth

Building a high performing team, whether for a hack-a-thon, or a multi-million-dollar program isn’t something that happens by chance, one must be mindful in not just how you build a team, but how you grow it, and it isn’t something one is was born knowing.  Geoffrey will relate through a story telling style some of the ups and downs along his career path, and how the principals he learned in his Software Engineering degree helped shape first his own technical growth, and then later his leadership skills.

Geoffrey Peart, BEng '03(Software Eng.)
Senior Director of Omni Technology at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Geoffrey Peart Photo

Geoffrey Peart graduate McMaster Software Engineering 2003, entering into a very differing technology and business world than he had expected (with the first .com collapse.)  With all expectations off the table, Geoffrey charted a course through a traditional enterprise IT department at Royal Bank of Canada being a part of the change that is taking RBC from Bank to Fintech.  Through his career development, he has dipped his brain into all manner of software development, architecture, devops, and leadership, including a solid detour into the interesting world of tech startup.  He has since returned to RBC, where he has the privilege of leading a digital web development team of over 200 of the best developers across Canada.