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Virtual Fireball Chats with Alumni - May 2020

Virtual Fireball Chats with Alumni - May 2020

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Carm Vespi 


This month's topic: Transitioning from an Engineer into Sales Management


The Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University would like to offer you an opportunity to further support the success of our students with a face-to-face mentoring program between current students and our alumni – Fireball Chats with Alumni.

Fireball Chats with Alumni give the McMaster Engineering community the opportunity to chat to a small group of students and share their personal experiences as an engineer in the workforce. Our hope is that each month we can offer our students a chance to have a casual conversation with engineers during which they can ask for advice, help, or insight.

Transitioning from an Engineer into Sales Management 
Technology evolves very quickly.  Having an Engineering background helps you understand the technology  but you need the soft skills to translate, simplify, and sell that to prospective customers.  Selling technical software is not natural to most Engineers, Harsh will be happy to share the obstacles and challenges he had to overcome to transition from a software engineer and into Sales.

Get Help – Get coached by experienced engineers!
Ask Questions – Receive answers to all your questions about the workforce/industry, university life and more!
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Picture of Mentor Harsh Sabikhi

Harsh Sabikhi, BENG '03 (Electrical Eng.)
Harsh Sabikhi is the Country Manager for HashiCorp Canada. He is responsible for the overall success of HashiCorp’s customers. He is passionate about helping individuals and organizations learn about infrastructure automation. He started his career as a software developer over 18 years ago writing C/C++ applications for Texas Instruments. 

About HashiCorp
HashiCorp is an infrastructure automation company headquartered in San Francisco. It helps organizations solve development, operations, and security challenges in infrastructure so they can focus on business-critical tasks.