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Making Writing Easier for Researchers

Making Writing Easier for Researchers

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JHE H324

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Andrea Colbert-DeGeit

Executive Officer

Does your next writing project fill you with stress and anxiety? Is it hard to make time or do you procrastinate about about writing?


Facilitator:  Melissa Anders, Melissa E Anders Coaching

Researchers tell me that writing is hard. They are overwhelmed by ideas, unsure where to start, and feel lost at times. I have been developing and implementing grants with scientists for more than 15 years and I have a deep curiosity and understanding about human nature and how we can harness our true selves. It is at this intersection that I draw from to support researchers in making writing easier.

In this workshop, as a coach and facilitator, I will show you how the writing process works, how to design your own unique writing process and practical ways to begin to clear the obstacles that come up for you so that you can get started, maintain momentum and complete your research writing projects.

Please register for this workshop by Monday, September 9th, 2019.  Light refreshment will be provided.