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Made for MacEng Virtual Open House

Made for MacEng Virtual Open House

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McMaster Engineering Recruitment

You’ve put in years of hard work - countless late night study sessions, hours spent volunteering in your community, and endless team meetings. And it’s led you here... considering a post-secondary education from one of the top 70 universities in the world. It’s a major life milestone and also the start of something truly special. We look forward to showcasing why you were Made for MacEng at this virtual open house!


This event is intended for current and future applicants to our Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science, Engineering 1 and Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed) program. 

Which of these statements do you most resonate with?

  • I’m made to innovate
  • I’m made to collaborate
  • I’m made to lead
  • I’m made to discover
  • I’m made to start something new
  • I’m made to challenge the status quo
  • I’m made to go global
  • I’m made to stand out from the crowd
  • I’m made to be the change

If you aspire to accomplish any of the statements above, you’re Made for MacEng.

At McMaster Engineering, we offer experiences that help create global-ready, socially-aware citizens through project-based classes, flexible co-op work terms, research opportunities and dozens of clubs and teams. You are the sum total of your experiences.

At this 100% live online Made for MacEng event, you'll have a chance to:

  • Listen to inspiring student & faculty stories on co-op, innovation, clubs & teams, collaboration, research and impact
  • Speak to experts on admissions, co-op, programs, residence and transition
  • 1:1 video and/or text chat with phenomenal current MacEng students

Important Note: Presentation recordings will be available & emailed after the event.


Made Stage Presentations
Join us for our 15-minute engaging sessions that will provide you with the inside-scoop on all things McMaster Engineering. We'll cover topics on the first-year experience, project-based learning, and preparing for the real world through co-op. 

Fireball Stage Activities
Connect with our Student Ambassadors and staff throughout these interactive sessions! Whether it's taking a sneak peak of campus, a fun musical performance from our own MacEng students, debunking some MacEng myths and sharing what EMBER is, we're sure you'll leave with learning something you didn't know before.

Information Station
We all have questions and we imagine you do too! Be sure to stop by our expo booths to connect with staff and students and get all your questions answered on admissions, co-op, residence, EMBER and our Level 1 programs. Did someone say there will be a photobooth too? 

Event Tips

How to make the most of the Made for MacEng Virtual Open House

Before the Event

  1. Sign up in advance! This ensures you get all the necessary links and information before the event starts.
  1. Do your research. Take some time to check out our website to learn more about our four entry level Engineering programs offered here at McMaster in advance; Engineering, Computer Science, Bachelor of Technology and Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences.
  1. Look at the schedule and plan out your time at the eventOur events offer many opportunities to learn about all the wonderful things McMaster Engineering has to offer. Take a minute to look at what’s going on to plan out your time accordingly.

During the Event

  1. Try to attend as many sessions as you can! Although it all may seem a little overwhelming, by attending different sessions, you will learn a variety of topics from Academics to Student Life to Clubs and Teams. Who knows? You may learn something new you have not even thought of in the past!
  1. Chat with our Recruitment Staff. They are the experts on everything admission related. Our wonderful team will tell you everything you need to know about applying, admissions & overall strengths of our McMaster Engineering programs. 
  1. Spend time with our Student Ambassadors. Our current students are the experts on their programs. They can provide the insider-scoop on their courses and programs, transitioning to university and student life at McMaster. Afterall, who better to discuss McMaster Engineering with than students a part of it right now!
  1. Ask questions! All McMaster representatives at the event are here to help YOU! Not sure what to ask our Ambassadors? Check out some great questions to get you started.
    - What made you choose McMaster / your program?
    - What extracurriculars (sports, engineering teams) are you a part of?
    - What co-op opportunities have you taken?
    - What does the Engineering Fireball symbol mean?
    - What is your favourite thing about McMaster?
    - How do you manage the workload?
    - How did you find the transition from high school to university?
    - Any tips for the application process/supplementary application?
    - At McMaster, where can I go if I need help academically or personally?
    - How can I get involved at McMaster even in a virtual environment?
  1. Take breaks! To stay engaged, it is best to take some time between sessions to stretch, grab a snack or just take your eyes off the screen.

After the Event

  1. Reach out to Student Ambassadors and/or Recruitment Team with any questions you may have. Have questions that came up after the event ended? Email our recruitment team at with admissions related inquiries or connect with our Student Ambassadors on our ambassador chat platform if you are curious about anything else. 
  1. Stay updated with our socials and see what events we have coming up next! Check out our various social media channels to be in the know of future events & opportunities!

MacEng Programs

Engineering 1 (Eng1)

Starting with a common first year, we will teach you to be the engineer who sees only solutions, not problems. The one who can adapt easily to any situation, reinvent themselves throughout their career, and truly thrive in today’s dynamic technology-based economy. With a focus on experiential, collaborative and project-based learning, students take real problems in society and learn the technical and teamwork skills to solve them.

With a year of broad-based engineering study under your belt, you’ll be well positioned to select an area of specialization for your degree. 
Chemical Engineering - Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering* - Civil Engineering - Computer Engineering - Electrical Engineering - Engineering Physics - Materials Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics Engineering - Software Engineering - Engineering & Management - Engineering & Society

Optional co-op available!

Learn more about Eng 1 here!

Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed)

The iBioMed program is the first program in Canada to offer a truly interdisciplinary 5-year biomedical program that integrates Engineering with Health Sciences. It is the only Health Sciences program in health, engineering and entrepreneurship. There are applied learning opportunities with a strong emphasis on inquiry and problem based learning (PBL).

After first year, students choose their specialization:
- Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (BEngBME) with an emphasis on biomedical engineering within a parent discipline:
- Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Engineering Physics, Materials, Mechanical, Mechatronics or Software)
- Bachelor of Health Sciences BHSc (Honours) with an emphasis on Health, Engineering Science and Entrepreneurship

Optional co-op available!

Learn more about iBioMed here!

Bachelor of Technology (BTech) 

The BTech program positions you to be at the forefront of change in engineering industries. With a unique blend of theory and practice, students spend more than 750 hours in lab settings applying engineering principles to develop innovative technical solutions. With 25% of the curriculum devoted to business and management courses, graduates lead by example on a technical level, while also leading strategy and building business in corporate boardrooms. Average class sizes of 60-80 students means more interaction with your professors and a close knit student communit

You’ll earn: Degree + Advanced Diploma + Business Management Certificate + minimum of 12 months of co-op work experience

Direct entry program into the following streams:
- Automation Engineering Technology
- Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology
- Biotechnology

BTech students are required to take a mandatory 12 months minimum of co-op prior to graduating. 

 Learn more about BTech here!

Computer Science (CompSci)

Computer Science takes the theoretical and brings it to life in practical applications. It is a direct-entry four year program where students learn programming, software design, systems and theoretical foundations. Beginning with five practice and experience courses, the emphasis at McMaster is on lab-based exploration and discovery, including expanded coverage of practical topics such as profiling and tuning, and foundational topics such as operating systems and compilers.

Computer Science students can expect a curriculum tailored to a changing industry and world in level 1. In level two and beyond, you can expect more technical electives at your fingertips, including machine learning, AI, medical imaging, security and data analytics. Approximately 25% of your CompSci degree is open electives, which means completing a minor in another field is very possible with proper planning. Check out the possible minors here.

Optional co-op available! 

Learn more about CompSci here!




Degree + Experience

Degree + Experience

At McMaster, you define your experience. We'll help you get there. 

Degree + Co-op

Every student has access to the co-op program. The best part? You decide when you would like to complete co-op and we’ll help you get there. The Engineering Co-op Program provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to gain valuable engineering work experiences before they graduate.The program combines academic study with work terms of durations from 4 to 16-months in length.

Your professional career starts in your first year with an introductory co-op course. Throughout the year, the Engineering Co-op and Career Services team connects with more than 1,000 employers, bringing them directly to you through over 300 workshops and events annually. We also work with you to help navigate the career exploration, job search, application, interview and offer process.

Learn about co-op

Degree + Clubs

Our students take extracurricular activity to the next level. With more than 60 Faculty of Engineering affiliated clubs and teams, exceeding 1,500 members, there's truly something for everyone. McMaster Engineering even offers course credit for students participating in both technical and non-technical clubs and teams - learn more here.

The Hatch Centre Workshops is a space for Engineering Undergraduate students to participate in experiential learning through extra-curricular activities such as personal projects, Capstones, or with their McMaster Engineering Society (MES) affiliated teams which will assist in further developing their technical and professional skills.

Learn about MacEng Clubs & Teams

Degree + Research

McMaster Engineering has a well-established reputation as one of Canada's most research-intensive faculties in a range of disciplines from advanced manufacturing, materials, automotive, and nuclear research. We continue to push the boundaries of discovery in emerging areas, such as bio-innovation, micro-nano technology, smart systems, energy, and environmental sustainability.

Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering have the opportunity to work with professors and graduate students on a research project. Students can get involved in research as early as after their first year of studies. 

Degree + Innovation

Big Ideas are born at McMaster Engineering. There’s a reason why so many of our students are also musicians, dancers, writers, poets and artists; engineering is a profession that is made for creative problem-solvers who use both sides of their brain to develop innovative solutions. At McMaster, students learn to identify and frame problems, design and prototype solutions and pitch their big ideas to clients and investors. Get a head-start on your start-up at The Forge incubator, based at McMaster.

Learn about The Forge

Degree + Social Impact

Whether it is through research, on exchange, as part of our Grand Challenges Scholars program, MacChangers, or by participating in a club such as Engineerings without Borders, the opportunities to make a difference are within reach. 

Learn about the Grand Challenge Scholars Program