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Ice Cream Social & Summer Research Poster Showcase

Ice Cream Social & Summer Research Poster Showcase

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JHE Lobby


Come enjoy some free ice cream and discover what our undergraduate student researchers have been working on over the summer in the Faculty of Engineering. Summer researchers will be presenting their posters along with presentations from the Student Success Centre, MacSER and ECCS. The event is organized by MACser & ECCS.

Summer Research Projects

Research Assistant 

Faculty Supervisor 

Area of Research

Sarah Simionescu Professor Wenbo He Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning for Image Data
Mattia Solenka Dr. Qiyin Fang (Department of Engineering Physics) Optofluidics and Cell Culturing
Sophia Andru Matthew Campea Drug Loading Nanoclusters for Chemotherapeutic Targets
Megan Foster Dean Heather Sheardown Ophthalmic Drug Delivery
Kileigh Harrington  Dr. Jim Cotton  POWER Heat Recovery Pilot Project 
Mary England Dr. McDermid Hydrogen Induced Cracking in Pipeline Steel
Sathurshan Arulmohan  Dr. Mosser Software nlp
Jacqueline Huo Kathryn Grandfield Characterization of bone structure
Clarissa White Dr. Kleiman  Mapping electrical and optical properties of silicon wafers and solar cells using microwave detected photoconductivity(MDP) technology 
Lily Shengjia Zhong Dr. Fei Geng  Is the natural stiffness variation seen in brain tissue reflected through mechanotransduction mediators?
Kirsten Espe Dr. Ravi Selvaganapathy Using microparticles to develop a needle penetration resistant fabric while maintaining flexibility 
George Wahba Dr. Babak Nahid-Mobarakeh Motor Control using PWM 
Allison Suichies Dr. Drew Higgins Zinc Ion Batteries
Dominic Mothe Dr. Wiebe General ADL and Wall Structure
Adin Aviv Dr. Jonathan Bradley  Silicon Photonics
Claire Patterson  Li Xi  Biodegradable plastics for the food service industry 
Kaitlyn Kenwell Ghada Badawy Confidential
Dakota D'Souza Dr Payel Sen and Dr Leyla Soleymani Electrochemical Biosensing
Annika Culhane Xiao Wu, Dr. Pelton Polymer Grafting on Cellulose Pulp
Nolan Clark Kevin Lytwyn Client-based Project work in a manufacturing environment
Halima Banuso Dr. Leili Tafaghodi Utilizing slag (steel production by-product) for sustainable construction applications (roads, buildings)
Angela Lewis Dr. Carlos Vidal The ethics of AI and data collection
Sarah Arnold Dr. David Latulippe Bacteria Adsorption on Filtration Membranes
Mugdho Jeferson Rozario Dr. Gary Bone Human Friendly Robots 
David Chung Dr. Rong Zheng Using AR to improve virtual tai-chi classes for older adults
Yuxin Li Dr. Younggy Kim Artificial intelligence application assisting wastewater treatment 
Akanksha Nehete Fei Chiang
Jongjun Park
Adaptive Classification during Covariate Shift
Andrew Bronsema Dr. Razavi Transportation Research
Ansh Tiwari  Dr Chi Tang DC motor control system using Arduino microcontroller 
Paola Lizeth Gonzalez Perez Boyang Zhang  Green Fluorescent Protein images prediction from Bright field microscopy vasculature images using deep learning 
Shamera Chatheechan Dr. Qiyin Fang Microscopy (FLIM system compared to other microscopes) and side projects (e.g., SMART aging home and validating sterilization equipments)
Charlotte Fleet Dr. Bosco Yu Material shear testing of honeycomb samples to aid in the development of new 3D printed bicycle helmets made of honeycomb structures with 5-7 defects.
Julian Cecchini Dr. Khedri Vulnerabilities in self-driving cars (mainly to do with machine learning)
Xiaoou (Olivia) Yang Dr. Cheryl Quenneville  Frontal car collision foot injury project
Seamus Adams Samaneh Toufanian Injectable Macroporous Hydrogels
Ria Saldanha Dr. Adriaan Buijs Researching on increasing the lifetime of reactor core by modifying enrichment and poisons
Wishva Piramenthiratheesan Michael Justason and Kamel Hoda Group Work and how it relates to personality types
Shamera Chatheechan Dr. Qiyin Fang Microscopy (FLIM) and side projects in the SMART Aging Home
Abigail Richardson  Li Xi Biodegradable polymer 
Sarah Cushnie Dr. Leili Tafaghodi Direct Reduction of Hematite Modeled in FactSage
Wanqi (Anna) Chen Dr. Kathryn Grandfield nanoscale analysis for genistein coating on additive manufactured porous implant
Andrew Thompson Dr. William Farmer Creating an IDE for formal mathematics based on Dr. Farmer's Alonzo logic.
Emil Soleymani Dr. Spencer Smith, Dr. Dieter Stolle Development of Soil Settlement Analysis Software (VDisp)
Shyavan Sridhar Dr. Jamal Deen Development and Application of Neural Networks within a Water Quality Monitoring System
Dennis Yankovsky Dr. Bradley Measuring Gain in Erbium Doped Silicon Nitride Photonic Chips
Anna Hirlehey Dr Razavi, Dr Yang Transportation Engineering-MITL
David Thornton Dr. Mohammed Bakr Virtual Reality, cloud computing and electromagnetics
Mohammad Muntazar Bhurwani Dr. Vera Pantelic Powertrain of a vehicle, HIL simulation
James Araiche Dr. Prashant Mhaskar Creating a Graphical User Interface for Data Driven Modelling and Control Package
Rida Safeer Dr. Mhaskar (1) & Dr. Zheng (2) Subspace ID (1) & Virtual Tai Chi Project (2)
Shiyi Yang  Dr. Jamal Deen Wearable Sensors