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Guest Speaker Alumnus Paul Boldt

Guest Speaker Alumnus Paul Boldt

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JHE H324

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Carm Vespi

Hear from one of McMaster Engineering's best!


Paul Boldt is a successful McMaster Engineering alumnus who has founded ned, maude, todd & rod inc. He will be joining us for two days to provide two different lectures on innovation within the materials technology industry. Light snacks will be provided.

Paul Boldt, B.Eng. '90 & Ph.D. '98:

Paul received his B.Eng (Ceramic) and Ph.D. with the Department of Materials Science at McMaster University. After graduate studies he moved to Ottawa and started working in the Process Analysis Group at Semiconductor Insights (TechInsights). With a growing interest in patents he focussed on drafting and prosecuting electrical and mechanical patents in front of CIPO and the USPTO at Canada’s largest IP Law firm. Over this time he recognized a need for technology information that is directed at the billing professional and decision makers. Today, he is interested in the evolving discourse around technology and its impact on both innovation and society.

Tuesday, January 29

Materials in ICs:

  • Smartphone teardown
  • IC Concepts incl. logic and memory
  • 20 years of innovation along the road to 7nm
  • Where next? Where might we apply this innovation? Energy harvesting?

Wednesday, January 30

Bringing Patents to life:

  • Patent concepts & introduction to a specification
  • Technology PoV, move beyond counting & think about innovation being disclosed
  • Two examples of patents in the media
  • Enforcing the monopoly and reverse engineering

Tuesday, January 29

 1 μm ... 28 nm ... Today; A Tale of Materials in Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits (ICs) have become ubiquitous in everyday life. More and more of the things we touch are powered by ICs. We have become dependent on their capabilities. Smartphones are easily the most obvious example. So, that is where we will start.

After a brief look at some basic IC concepts I will consider the logic and “storage” ICs in a current smartphone. I will trace the evolution of these two “genres” of IC over the 20 years I have been associated with the industry. It is a tale of innovation like no other.

Did materials play a role in this evolution? The answer is a resounding yes. Whether it was the shrinking of critical dimensions, the development of high-k gate dielectics or structures for mitigating RC delay, materials development has been central to many of the device capabilities we take for granted today.

But where do we go from here? I will shift focus a bit and think about how this extensive semiconductor processing and materials knowledge might be applied to areas such as energy harvesting.

Wednesday, January 30

Moving Beyond Counting; Bringing Patents to Life

Everyone says that patents are important. The Venture Capitalists tell start- ups this. Opinion columnists and former CEO’s say this in relation to Canadian IP Strategy. All we seem to hear about is innovation this, national asset that and the numbers of patents. The pundits like to count patents, but they rarely bring them to life. There is almost never a realistic discussion of the underlying technology and the need to actually understand it.

I want to take a different approach. I want to bring patents to life. They tell a story about a particular aspect of technology and end in a fascinating, precise and awkward sentence.

This talk will consider some basic patent concepts, including the bit at the end of a patent that shall not be named (Hint ... it’s not Voldemort). I will discuss several current patents that have garnered media attention. I will also discuss a historic patent to consider the “levels’ of patenting. Finally, I want to think about patent enforcement and reverse engineering. The value of a patent is directly tied to the ability to support it. It is time to move beyond the numbers.