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Engineering & STEM Diversity & Inclusion Forum

Engineering & STEM Diversity & Inclusion Forum

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The OSPE's Diversity & Inclusion Forum will help you prepare for the profound social, economic and technological shift changing the Ontario economy.

The event will focus on the profound social, economic, and technological shift the Ontario economy is experiencing and the demands and expectations this creates from the labour force. 

Many of our Partners will have a virtual trade-show booth, and these virtual trade-show booths will be staffed by HR/Career and Engineering individuals; and they will be actively recruiting engineering and technical graduates (or, soon to be graduates) at these booths during the Forum.

In support of COVID-19 economic recovery and for the common well-being of our society and economy, the OSPE has made a pool of free tickets available for students interested in attending this event. 

We are targeting students in their final year and/or graduate level of education, who will be entering the workforce soon, however, this event is open to students of all levels!