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Engineering Annual Scotch Tasting Event

Engineering Annual Scotch Tasting Event

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The Scottish Rite of Hamilton 
4 Queens St. S.
Hamilton, ON   
L8P 3R3

Event Contact:

Carm Vespi
905-525-9140 x.24906

The taste you have been waiting for all year is back!


Come experience a fabulous evening with alumni and friends, enjoying a new line up of scotches, including;

  • Tomatin 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey,
  • Benromach Organic Speyside &
  • Kilchoman Machir Bay Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey


5:30 pm -  Registration & Networking (Cash Bar) 

5:45 pm, 6:05 pm, 6:25 pm - Tours of The Scottish Rite of Hamilton (20 mins per tour)
(there are 3 tour times, the first group of 20 to 25 guests will begin tour at 5:45pm and then the next tour will begin 15mins afterwards)

6:55 pm – Welcome

7:00 pm - Dinner and Scotch Presentations
Classic Caesar Salad 
Pork Tenderloin & Maple Sweet Potato Mash 
Wild and Long Grain Rice Blend
New York Style Cheesecake 
Cash Bar

8:00 pm - Questions and Answers




Antoniazzi Joseph B.Eng. ' 88 (Ceramic Eng.)
Aron Bob Guest 
Baba Dr. Vishwanath Don Pether Chair in Engineering and Management
Bannister Les Guest 
Biederman Chris Guest 
Biederman Jim Guest 
Bruch David Guest 
Bryant Glenn Guest 
Bunting Gord Guest 
Campbell  Mike Guest 
Cascella Joe Guest 
Cecchetti Rob B.Eng. '82 (Electrical Eng.)
Centritto Grace B.A. '89 (History)
Centritto Nick B.A. '84 (Geography)
Centurami  Iwona Engineering Alumni Officer
Christopher Marc  B.Eng.Mgt. '08 (Mechanical Eng.)
Ciardullo Herman  Guest 
Clark Brian Guest 
Clarke Michael Instrumentation Technologist, Dept. of Chemical Eng.
Colterjohn Colin  Guest 
Colterjohn Meighan Administrative Assistant, Pathology and Molecular Medicine
Coughlin Linda Engineering Alumni, Administrative Coordinator 
Crowe  Jimmy  B.A. '05 (Economics)
Cushnie Kirt B.Eng. '88 (Ceramic Eng.)
Cutler Terry  B.Eng. '75 (Mechanical Eng.)
Czerneda Philip B.Eng. '79 (Metallurgical Eng.)
Delibato Fulvio B.Sc. '82 (Mathematics)
Durward Andrew B. Eng. '87 (Electrical Eng.)
Flood Dawn M.B.A. '79 (Business)
Germain Jennifer  Guest 
Gotic Stjepan Guest 
Harold Don B.Eng. '74 (Eng. Physics)
Hayes Frank B.Sc. '78, M.Sc. '80 (Physics)
Ianiri Bruno Guest 
Innes Scott B.Eng.Mgt. '76 (Mechanical Eng.)
Jaksa Mike B.Eng. '88 (Ceramic Eng.)
Knott Monica Guest 
Kreissler Gerd Guest 
Lehman Nicolas B.Eng. '18 (Computer Eng.)
MacCuish George B.Eng. '72 (Electrical Eng.)
Machaj  Edward  B.Eng.Mgt. '78 (Civil Eng.) M.B.A. '82
MacWhirter Lauren  Engineering Alumni Assistant 
Manifold Kirk Guest 
Marra Marichu Guest 
Marra Sam Guest 
Martin  Danelle Guest 
Martin  Francis Guest 
Martin  Lesley  Guest 
McKay John Director, Advancement Services
McKenzie Mark  Guest 
McNab Stephen Guest 
Mirza Morris Guest 
Moniz John B.Eng.Mgt. '78 (Civil Eng.)
Monkman John B.Eng. '79 (Civil Eng.)
Moore  Gary  B.Eng. '81 (Civil Eng.) 
Mould Ross Guest 
Onishi Douglas  B.Eng. '75 (Civil Eng.) 
Pagnan Dave Guest 
Papadopoulos Philip B.Eng. '88 (Eng. Physics)
Parisotto Jerry  Guest 
Perry David B.Eng. '14 (Software Eng.)
Pilkington Marla Guest 
Pirhonen  John Guest 
Pirhonen  Kimberly Guest 
Protopopescu Anda B.Com. '90 (Commerce), M.B.A. '96
Radoslav  Elaine  Guest 
Radoslav  Emil Guest 
Remilli Steve B.Eng.Mgt. '08 (Mechanical Eng.)
Riddell Chris Guest 
Salisbury  Mark Guest 
Scapin Margaret Guest 
Schaible  Walter B.Eng. '80, M.Eng. '83 (Electrical Eng.) 
Schneider Greg  B.Eng.Mgt. '76, MBA '79 (Mechanical Eng.) 
Sergi Tony B.Eng. '89 (Civil Eng.) 
Sherritt Glen B.Eng.Mgt. '77 (Civil Eng.)
Sherritt Gordon  Guest 
Sherritt Katherine Guest 
Showers  Max  B.Tech. '17 (Manufacturing Eng.)
Stevens Jane Guest 
Subject Paul Guest 
Succi  Albert  B.Eng.Mgt. '08 (Mechanical Eng.)
Succi  Gina  Civil Eng. '89
Vespi  Adam  B.Eng.Mgt. '08 (Mechanical Eng.). M.B.A. '17
Vespi  Carm  Manager, Alumni Relations & Yourth Programs
Wood Dr. Philip Professor Emeritus. Dept. of Chemical Eng.
Wood Eric B.Sc. '10 (Physical Science)
Yeardye David Guest 
Yeardye Richard B.Eng. '67 (Electrical Eng.)

Whisky Ambassador


Jimmy Crowe, Whisky Ambassador

 Jimmy Crowe    

Jimmy is the eldest of four siblings, he has two younger brothers and a younger sister. His mother is a world class chef and his father is the descendant of renowned Irish stone masons and custom builders.  A master craftsmen himself, Jimmy’s father, James Crowe Sr. is also the inventor of the Authentic Roof product; the world’s first synthetic roofing slate made from all recycled thermo-polymers,  created just over 30 years ago (1988). Today, Jimmy is VP of Sales for this innovative manufacturing company that supplies the world’s most superior roofing material to all four corners of the globe.

Jimmy is a former valedictorian and a graduate of McMaster University. He considers himself to be a compassion cultivator as well as an information envoy. His interests are quite diverse and include many things from health, politics and business; to sports, martial arts and the great outdoors. Jimmy is also a proud Freemason and a Past Master of his lodge. He is highly active within both the York Rite and Scottish Rite branches of Masonry in Ontario. Although he may not look it, Irish and Scottish blood run thick through his veins; and as such, Jimmy also developed an affinity for the fine Celtic spirits many years ago. This passion ultimately lead him to pursue the “Whisky Ambassador” designation, the UK’s only accredited whisky training program.  In all endeavors his aim is to impart camaraderie, optimism and happiness. He wholeheartedly subscribes to the philosophy: live every moment, laugh everyday and love beyond words.