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Dr. Tracy Becker

Dr. Tracy Becker

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Burke Science Building (BSB) 121

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Dr. Harold Haugen

The Department of Engineering Physics is holding Seminar Series, where we have invited various speakers from alumni, current students, or external industry.


Dr. Tracy Becker, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at McMaster University 

Designing for disasters: protective structural systems for earthquake engineering

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While major advances have been made in the design of buildings to resist earthquakes, there still exists a large disconnect between the performance level which buildings are designed to achieve and the performance level required for community resiliency. Although current building codes limit fatalities in new construction, they do little to limit socioeconomic costs. Earthquakes in the past decade have resulted in losses of upwards of $295 billion. Protective technologies such as dampers, structural fuses, and seismic isolation deliver significantly increased performance. However, there are still hurdles for their widespread adoption, particularly due to lack of familiarity in practice and increased upfront project costs. In this seminar we will discuss the impact of earthquakes on structures as well as broader communities and how this is affected by adopting different design philosophes. We will also discuss the development, experimental testing, and implementation of protective structural systems focusing on seismic isolation.