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Café X - Prakash Patnaik

Café X - Prakash Patnaik

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McMaster University
Gerald Hatch Centre
Room 324

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Terry Milson

Ishwar Puri, Dean, Engineering invites students, faculty and staff to attend Café X. Café X will be open for business for one hour, starting with a presentation, followed by questions and answers. Refreshments will be available at the start and conclusion of the event.



Canadian Aerospace Initiative - It's More Than Rocket Science

Dr. Prakash Patnaik
Ph.D. ‘84 Metallurgical
Principal Research Scientist, Aerospace & Defence Science and Technology; 
Program Leader, Defence Technologies & Sustainment for the Canadian Armed Forces
Aerospace Research Centre, National Research Council Canada

Refreshments, free admission, limited seating

Dr. Patnaik will be providing a brief outline of current challenges faced in sustaining the Air platforms, particularly in the Defence domain and will highlight the current program at NRC leveraging international research and development carried out by Canada’s allies in NATO, Five Eyes (TTCP) and the US-Canada (ASNR) bilateral. He will describe a few examples of taking operational challenges and transforming them into research programs that are outcome oriented involving advanced manufacturing, materials, structures, aerodynamics, propulsion systems, sensors and flight research. Physics based modeling approach is now considered to define the root cause of the problems.

About Prakash

Prakash Patnaik

Dr. Patnaik received his B.Eng.(Hons) degree in India followed by a Masters and Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from McMaster University in Canada in and had an impressive start to his career as a NSERC Visiting Fellow Research Scientist to the NRC’s National Aeronautical Establishment in 1984. He worked for internationally recognized defence companies such as Hawker Siddeley Canada and the Magellan Aerospace Corporation as a Senior Engineering/R&D Manager (1986-2001) prior to moving to NRC in 2002. In January 2002, Dr. Prakash Patnaik was appointed to NRC’s Institute of Aerospace Research as the Group Leader/Senior Research Officer of Metallic & Ceramic Materials in the Structures, Materials and Propulsion Laboratory. His contributions to Materials Science & Engineering and technologies related to aerospace sustainment and advanced manufacturing in the aerospace domain has been outstanding as reflected by his interaction with aerospace industry, government laboratories (NRC, NRCan and DND-DRDC) and the academia nationally and internationally. His technical expertise includes, Research & Development in and Advanced Engineering Materials & Structures with applications into Aerospace and Space Vehicles for Civil and Military including Advanced Manufacturing(3-D Printing), Gas Turbine Materials Technologies, Prognostics & Health management of Gas Turbines, Computational Materials Modeling from First Principles, Gas Turbine Lifing Methodologies, Surface Protection of Components from Degradation, Development of Sensing Methods for Strain, Temperature and Corrosion, Airworthiness Certification of components and Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) of Air Vehicles.

He was promoted to Principal Research Officer (the highest scientific rank at NRC) in 2005 and then in 2006 appointed as the Director of the Structures & Materials Performance Laboratory of the Institute. From 2006, he was given the leadership to lead the Air Defence S&T work at NRC and had the role of NRC Chief Scientist for DND/DRDC which he maintains till today. In 2012, he was appointed as the Leader of NRC’s Air Defence Systems Program (ADS) and working with DND, the RCAF and DRDC generated nearly $60M revenue (till the end of FY18) in the program and delivered research and technology outcomes in line with the ADS Program’s value proposition. Dr. Patnaik’s research engagement and contributions to private and public sector in Canada has led him to receive numerous recognitions and awards of which the ASM Fellow, Research Fellow Pratt Whitney Canada and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering are worthwhile to note. He has nearly 150 research publications in the open domain and has been instrumental in setting of the First Aerospace Materials Conference in Canada since 2002 (every two years) and acts as the Technical Editor. He was selected by CASI (Canadian Aeronautics and Space institute) in 2009 as the First Visiting lecturer to promote R&D between academia-industry and the research laboratories in Canada.

Dr. Patnaik is a member of many international scientific organizations and committees and has earned many awards and recognitions. He is a member of the NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) and a former Chair of the NATO-STO Technical Committee on Mechanical Systems and Materials for the Applied Vehicle Technology panel and recently elected to the Vice-Chair of the NATO-AVT S&T Strategic Committee. In this capacity he has developed and many S&T initiatives for collaboration at NATO on behalf of DND, NRC and the Canadian Defence industry. He has recently been appointed by the Department of National Defence –DRDC as the Technical Advisor in Defence Materials & Defence Aerospace (Five Eyes TTCP Defence S&T Collaboration) as well. He also serves in the USAF-DND-DRDC Air Senior National Representative (ASNR) Board as a technical advisor from NRC. On the academic side, he has been adjunct professors at UBC, Carleton University and a Professor of Eminence at the Jain University in India. He has completed serving the UBC advisory board in Materials Engineering and currently serving in the industrial advisory board of the Carleton University. As a Fellow of the American Society for Materials (ASM) International in the USA he was selected to give topical lectures in India & Canada in early 2000 to promote research collaboration between these three nations. A number of these appointments have been NRC First and/or Canada First.