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Alumni Day - Class of '70 Anniversary Celebration      (EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19)

Alumni Day - Class of '70 Anniversary Celebration (EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19)

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The 85 (JHE Lobby)
John Hodgins Engineering Building

Event Contact:

Carm Vespi, Manager Alumni Relations and Youth Programs
905-525-9140 Ext. 24906

Class of '70 - 50th Anniversary Celebration: Reconnect & reminisce with your classmates, your professors, your Faculty, and your University!


Mingle with fellow alumni, the Dean of Engineering, faculty and staff.  Take a walk through the halls of JHE, the John Hodgins Engineering Building and reacquaint yourself with your old stomping grounds and see what has changed since you graduated and learn about the research and innovation that is happening here in the Faculty of Engineering.

Tentative Agenda


12:00 p.m.       Arrival and Reception 
(cocktail platters and beverages will be provided)                                                                   

12:15 p.m.       Welcome 

12:30 p.m.       Class Photo and Gift Presentation to Class of ’70

1:00 p.m.         Gerald Hatch Centre Tours

1:30 p.m.         Departure (head out to general events on campus)                                                   





Lost Alumni

Firozul Haque B.Eng. 1970 Metallurgical Engineering
Keng Ho B.Eng. 1970 Electrical Engineering
Maurice Lennox B.Eng. 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Wing Leung B.Eng. 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Robert Loughlin B.Eng. 1970 Electrical Engineering
Michael Morrison B.Eng. 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Robert Potts B.Eng. 1970 Electrical Engineering
Ian Smith B.Eng. 1970 Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Williams B.Eng. 1970 Mechanical Engineering


Planning on attending:

Ron Danielsen MEng '70 (Civil Eng.)
Chris De Ruiter BEng '70 (Mechanical Eng.)
Samy Elaraby MEng '70 (Chemical Eng.)
Carmen Gicante BEng '70 (Electrical Eng.)
Eric  Harrison  BEng '70 (Electrical Eng.)
Paul Mallette  BEng '70 (Electrical Eng.)
Brian  McCormick  BEng '70 (Chemical Eng.). MEng '74
Glenn McGinnis BEng '70 (Chemical Eng.)
Terry Milson  Faculty Advancement Officer 
Don  Moroz BEng '70 (Mechanical Eng.)
Zbigniew Roman  Pedzinski BEng '70 (Chemical Eng.)
John Russell BEng '70 (Electrical Eng.)
Vincent Suffoletta BEng '70 (Chemical Eng.)
Peter Tiley BEng '70 (Eng. Physics)
Roy Verstraete  MEng '70 (Chemical Eng.)
Carm Vespi Manger, Alumni Relations and Youth Programs


Gary  Callon  BEng '70 (Chemical Eng.)
Philip  Nalasco  BEng '70 (Chemical Eng.)
Ronald  Sealey  BEng '70 (Mechanical Eng.)
Steven  Semach BEng '70 (Mechanical Eng.)
Gary  Strupp  BEng '70 (Mechanical Eng.)
John  Wolkowski BEng '70 (Electrical Eng.)