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Fireball Chats with Alumni

   Face-to-face mentorship in the Faculty of Engineering!

The Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University would like to offer you an opportunity to further support the success of our students. We have started a new initiative in the Faculty of Engineering to develop a face-to-face mentoring program between current students and our alumni – Fireball Chats with Alumni.

Fireball Chats with Alumni give the McMaster Engineering community the opportunity to chat to a small group of students and share their personal experiences as an engineer in the workforce. Our hope is that each month we can offer our students a chance to have a casual conversation with engineers during which they can ask for advice, help, or insight.

Please see the  list below for event dates.

Upcoming Events

Start Date Title Register Calendar
October 19, 20215:30 pm - 6:30 pm Virtual Fireball Chats with Alumni - October 2021
November 16, 20215:30 pm - 6:30 pm Virtual Fireball Chats with Alumni - November 2021