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Mark Lawford, Department of Computing and Software

The director of the McMaster Centre for Software Certification (McSCert) is one of the positions he holds in McMaster.

He joined the department in August 1998 as an Assistant Professor. He graduated with his PhD at the University of Toronto in February 1997. From March 1997 to July 1998, he was a contractor at Ontario Hydro performing Formal Verification of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station Shutdown System Trip Computer Software. For the small part he played in helping to automate the systematic design verification of safety critical software on that project. He was also co-recipient of an Ontario Hydro New Technology award. His research interests fall under the general headings of Software Engineering and Control of Discrete Event Systems (DES), in particular Software Certification, Formal Methods for Real-Time Systems (synthesis, verification, and model reduction), practical application of formal methods in the software engineering process, computer aided inspection, and supervisory control of modular, nondeterministic and probabilistic DES, and hybrid systems.