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Farukh Javed, BEng '06

Engineering Physics | Doing well by doing good

The sophistication and complexity of emerging technology is increasing, and with it, the challenge of helping ensure its safe use and operation.

It’s a challenge Farukh Javed is tackling in his latest role with CSA Group, a global organization dedicated to public safety, social good and sustainability through the development of standards and expert testing, inspection and certification.

As Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Javed is leading the technological transformation of the group, with the aim of improving service delivery performance and developing safety certification expertise for new product technology.

“I get most energized working with people, teams and communities driven by a purpose to do good,” says the 2006 Engineering Physics grad.

 Javed, who also received formal training in Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation at McMaster in 2012, previously worked as Canada Chief Information Officer at GlaxoSmithKline Inc., where he led the development of an engagement platform designed to encourage scientific debate for better health outcomes. Prior to that, he worked at Procter & Gamble on a variety of initiatives including re-designing the giant’s global supply chain.

He credits the diversity of his educational programs for helping him develop “learning agility” – the ability to quickly master new business concepts. That skill has allowed him to succeed in a range of roles spanning financial systems, product innovation, mergers and acquisitions, customer service, sales and marketing.

Even in his undergraduate days, Javed admits he was attracted to the Engineering Physics program for the range of “unique and interesting experiences” it offered.

“How many other programs would have you experimenting in a nuclear reactor, working on next-gen semiconductor technology and building self-driving vehicles all in the same day?” he asks.

His advice for students is to recognize that attaining their objectives isn’t complicated.

“It’s the result of three simple things: first, the innate desire to do more and be more; next, taking the initiative to plan and start working towards your goals with discipline; and finally, the grit to keep going no matter the challenges and setbacks.”