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A successful first Research Information Night!October 19, 2016

Many thanks to the faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students for making our department’s first Research Information Night a success!

The objectives of the evening were to inform current level two to four Eng Phys undergraduate students of the different grad school and undergraduate summer research opportunities within the department.

Following an introductory presentation on the grad school and NSERC-USRA scholarship application processes,  several faculty members had the opportunity to pitch their research to students in two minutes or less. To provide undergraduates with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect during grad studies, we also ran a Q & A panel with four willing graduate students, who answered questions like, “As a grad student, how flexible is your schedule?” or “How do you manage your workload?” or even, “Do you have enough time to have a life?”.

Afterwards, grads, undergrads, and faculty members had the opportunity to network with one another.

Evidently, the event was a success as our undergraduate admin assistant, Nicole, has received more NSERC-USRA applications than ever!

Thanks again to all who participated and we look forward to running the event again next January!